Career opportunities - VT in International Trade

Professional careers and professional field

We train students to become multi-skilled professionals capable of working in private companies, public organisations and bodies, international consultancies, in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, the logistics and transport sector, financial and insurance companies, and commercial companies dedicated to the import and export of goods and customs agencies, etc. 

These are some of the main professional opportunities that you can opt for by taking the CFGS in International Trade:

  •    Purchasing technician 
  •    Sales technician 
  •    Purchasing manager 
  •    Sales manager 
  •    International Trade Managemer and Administration Technician 
  •    International marketing technician 
  •    Technician for foreign operations for financial and insurance companies 
  •    International transport logistics technician 
  •    International transport and logistics services sales representative 
  •    Logistics operator or coordinator