Frequently asked questions about prices

You can consult the current prices for each course in the corresponding web section

You can consult the payment methods and calculate the price using the enrolment simulator: 

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The Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS) is a university social entity created in 1999 that works to apply the social, solidarity-related, cooperation and development and equal opportunities policies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The FAS designs and implements university social action projects and projects to raise awareness and promote critical thinking with the ultimate goal of generating a social impact aimed at promoting social justice and improving people's environments and quality of life. 

The discounts are applied to the public prices published by the Department of Education

According to DOGC 6159 of 28/06/2012, the public price of the advanced vocational training course is 360 euros per year, therefore, for the full 2000 hours (2 years) a discounted price of 720.00 euros will be available. The applicable discount will be proportional to the number of hours enrolled for each year and will be applied at 50% or 100% depending on the type of large family you are a member of. It will not apply for repeated classes. 

If you choose the single payment option, a 3% discount (*) will be applied to the total amount of credits enrolled for. To maintain this discount, you must pay within 7 days of enrolment. 

*The 3% single-payment discount is applied to the final amount of the enrolment fee, after deducting all the discounts (large families, other). It is applicable for amounts over €500.