Frequently asked questions about enrolment

First you need to pre-enrol and reserve your place, which you must do online. 

Beforehand, read the Admission section which provides all the information you need about admission to advanced vocational training courses. 

You need to homologate or receive official recognition for your studies prior to pre-enrolment and payment of the place reservation fee.  

Beforehand, please consult the Homologation for admission documents section to find out how to do this if you do not yet have your degree certificate homologated/officially recognised. If you already have your accreditation certificate, please go to the Pre-enrolment section.  

If you are in a temporary situation that does not allow you to have it homologated, go to the Validation in temporary situations section.

Enrolment will start at the beginning of July. You will find the updated dates in the First year enrolment dates section. 

If you do not register during the enrolment period you will be placed in a waiting list. Your place will be assigned to another person. 

You must present a certified photocopy of the qualification that gives you access alongside a certificate accrediting the average grade you attained for your qualification. You must also submit the other documents listed in the Documentation section. 

Yes, you must send us the documentation that proves your status by email. 

The public price of the course according to DOGC 6159 of 28/06/2012 is 360 euros per year, therefore, for the 2000 hours (2 years) 720,00 euros will be charged. The applicable discount will be proportional to the number of hours enrolled for each year and a 50% or 100% discount will be applied depending on the type of large family you are a member of. Discounts will not be applied for repeated classes. 

Together with your enrolment application, you must fill in a validated credit transfer form indicating that it is a direct validated credit transfer and attach the corresponding documentation. You will find all the information in the academic validations section. 

In this case, you have to fill in the validated credit transfer form indicating that it is an extraordinary validated credit transfer, which will be resolved by the Directorate General of Initial Vocational Training and Special Regime Education (DGFPIERE). 

However, you will have to enrol for the learning units that you think you can validate until the resolution is issued. 

You can contact us by email at or call us at this number: +34 93 592 97 10.

Yes, you can apply for a grant for students in non-university post-compulsory education who are either Spanish or a national of an EU member state and have not obtained a qualification at a level equal to or higher than the studies for which you are applying. 

Regulations (in Spanish)

Department of Education: Grants for non-university post-compulsory education-FP (in Spanish)

You must register for the entire first year. 

As a general rule, enrolment cancellation can only be requested if the person concerned has justified personal reasons that do not allow him/her to take the course. 

There is a stipulated time limit to modify your enrolment. The terms and conditions are provided in our online processing service.