The Fundació UAB


The UAB Foundation encourages its institutions to promote research projects, consultancy and training in the areas of health sciences and life sciences.

Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB

This foundation undertakes research from a multidisciplinary approach in ageing in patients and the public.

The main aim of the research in ageing is the prevention of disability. The two large areas which the foundation focuses on are physical and cognitive ability. The whole spectrum of elderly people is studied from healthy elderly to people with sever dependency, both in the community and in institutions.

Research concerning the public focuses on the priorities and needs of patients and the view of the healthcare professionals.
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Fundación Wassu UAB

An internationally active organisation which uses research applied to knowledge transfer for the prevention of female genital mutilation.

The research of the UAB Wassu Foundation is focused on sexual and reproductive health, and in particular on maternal-child health, centred on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), both in their countries of origin and the destination countries of migrants, from a longitudinal perspective (in time) and a circular perspective (in the transnational space of migratory movements).

Over the years, the research has expanded to cover different sociocultural and medical aspects of FGM, shared in different scientific journals. These studies combine qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques with the aim of gaining a deeper knowledge in this traditional practice to be able to develop contextualised, sustainable and efficient strategies for its prevention and care. 

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