Masters and Graduate Diplomas in Nursing and Physiotherapy

Masters Start date Places Modality
Advanced Nursing Care to the Person with Cardiac Problems Oct 19 35 Onsite
Emergencies and Catastrophes Sep 18 58 Onsite
Gerontologic and Geriatric Nursing Sep 19 35 Onsite
Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Horseback Riding Sep 19 15 Onsite
Intensive Nursing Sep 19 35 Onsite
International Health and Cooperation Sep 19 56 Blended
Nursing Care for People Affected by Burns and Chronic Wounds: A Comprehensive Approach Oct 19 45 Onsite
Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents Sep 19 35 Onsite
Oncological Nursing Sep 19 35 Onsite
Palliative Integrated Care for Persons with Advanced Disease Oct 18 30 Blended
Perioperative Nursing Sep 19 35 Onsite
Physiotherapy in Neurology: Assessment and Treatment Practical Application Oct 19 12 Onsite
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Sep 19 41 Onsite
Surgical Nursing, Anesthesia and Pain Therapy Oct 19 30 Onsite