Masters and Graduate Diplomas in Psychology and Speech Therapy

Masters Start date Places Modality
Child and Young People Clinical Psychopatology Oct 21 45 Onsite
Court Psychology and Forensic Psychological Assessment Oct 20 30 Onsite
Dance and Movement Therapy Oct 20 25 Onsite
Environmental Intervention and Management: Society and Individual Oct 20 30 Onsite
Neuropsychology and Behavioural Neurology Oct 20 20 Onsite
Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience Sep 21 100 Online
Psychocreativity Oct 20 25 Onsite
Ethology of Companion Animals Mar 21 42 Blended
Neuropsychology: Neuropsychological Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Oct 20 17 Onsite
Graduate Diplomas Start date Places Modality
Child Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology Sep 21 25 Onsite
Childhood Emotional Disorders and Legal Psychopathology Oct 20 20 Onsite
Chronic Illness and Childhood Behavioural Disorders Oct 21 15 Onsite
Clinical Psychology and Health Intervention Nov 20 31 Onsite
Creative Communication Feb 21 25 Onsite
Dance and Movement Therapy Oct 20 31 Onsite
Environmental Management in the Enterpreise and in the Public Administration: Resources, Communication and Change Oct 21 30 Onsite
Forensic Psychological Assessment and Consulting in Civil, Family and Labour Law Oct 20 25 Onsite
Forensic Psychological Assessment for Criminal Court Oct 20 25 Onsite
Management of Geriatric Centres Oct 20 26 Blended
Psychology of Creativity Oct 20 25 Onsite
Social and Environmental Analysis and Intervention: Urban Environments, Community and Sustainability Oct 20 30 Onsite
Wellness Oct 20 30 Online
Statistics in the Health Sciences Oct 21 50 Blended