Masters and Graduate Diplomas in Sciences and Environmental Science

Masters Start date Places Modality
Experimental Chemistry (April) Apr 22 8 Onsite
Experimental Chemistry (April) Apr 21 8 Onsite
Experimental Chemistry (November) Nov 21 8 Onsite
Fine Chemicals Experimentation Jan 21 10 Onsite
Fine Chemistry and Polymers Jan 22 20 Onsite
Mathematics for Finance Sep 21 20 Onsite
Mathematics for Finance Sep 20 20 Onsite
Political Ecology. Degrowth and Environmental Justice Oct 20 40 Onsite
Environmental Intervention and Management: Society and Individual Oct 20 30 Onsite
Graduate Diplomas Start date Places Modality
Mathematics for Finance Sep 21 20 Onsite
Ecotourism and Nature-Guide Training Nov 21 40 Onsite
Environmental Management in the Enterpreise and in the Public Administration: Resources, Communication and Change Oct 21 30 Onsite
Social and Environmental Analysis and Intervention: Urban Environments, Community and Sustainability Oct 20 30 Onsite