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Permit renewal

Renewing a Student's Relative Residence Authorization Card


1. Residence tax: The TAX must be paid before presenting the renewal application and a copy must be provided of the receipt of payment along with the other documentation. Paying the tax does not automatically imply that renewal has been granted but it is not possible to favourably resolve the application unless it can be shown that the corresponding fees have been paid. If you have any problems downloading this PDF, you will also find the document at the end of this page.

2. Official Form Ex-00 (original + 1 copy)

3. Photocopy of passport

4. Photocopy of Authorised Stay Permit (Tarjeta de Autorización de Estancia) (both sides)

5. Photocopy of Authorised Stay Permit of the person who offers the right of the relative to visit.

6. Marriage or birth certificate

7. For children, certificate of school attendance in Spain

8. Proof of economic means. The head of the family must be able to offer proof of that they have the necessary economic means to maintain a family. (economic means table)

9. Photocopy of the medical insurance policy that covers illness and accidents during the whole stay in Spain as well as the medical expenses.

With the new immigration law it is NOT necessary anymore to dispose of a repatriation insurance in order to apply for the renewal of the NIE, although it is strongly recommended to have this insurance as it is not covered by social security.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is advisable to submit your renewal application before the expiry date of your student permit.