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Payment Methods

UAB accepts different payment methods, but not all are applicable to all programs. Some masters and graduate diplomas also offer the possibility of splitting the payment. For details on payment methods and the possibility of dividing it, see the details in the programme’s website you are interested in from the catalogue of UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas.

The most common payment methods are:

  • Credit card or debit card (TPV)
    You may use a credit or debit card to pay your tuition fees.  Visa and MasterCard are the only ones accepted. Keep in mind that many cards have a daily charge limit; make sure the limit is higher than the amount you wish to pay. Please contact your bank to confirm.
  • Bank transfer
    You can also make your payment via bank transfer. In the moment you choose this payment method, you will need to print the automatically generated document with the bank account data necessary for the bank transfer to be made.
  • Business or freelancer invoice
    If either an institution or company is covering your tuition, it must provide you with a properly stamped letter on letterhead stating:
    • Tax information (Registered name, tax code (NIF) and company address)
    • The programme in which you wish to register
    • The amount to be paid by said company or institution
    • Your full name

    The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will invoice the company or the institution directly for your tuition.

In any case, you can always request the invoice at the moment of enrolling. You will need to choose payment methods "promissory note" or "bank transfer" and, at the end of the process, do not make any payment but instead send an email to Once you receive the invoice, follow the instructions for fulfilling payment.

For further information or in case you have any questions, you can consult the RD 1619/2012 from 11/30/2012 that regulates invoicing obligations.