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The Personal Academic Certificate (CAP) refers to your academic transcript: number of credits/hours, qualification, academic year, etc.

The curriculum's certificate, also known as syllabus, states the content of the courses/modules of your academic record. Some countries require the presentation of this document as a requirement to legalize your master's degree/graduate diploma/specialization course so that it can have full validity.

Application process for both the personal academic certificate and the syllabus is as follows:

  1. Complete and sign (manually or with digital signature) the Certificate Request Form. You must also provide a copy of your identity card or passport (front and back). Scan and deliver the documentation through:

  2. The Graduate School reviews your transcript and, if applicable, informs you that you are able to request the certificate. Then you will need to make payment of the certificate’s associated fee:
    • 27.27€ for the personal academic certificate
    • 30€ for the syllabus
    (academics fees valid for the academic year 2023-2024).
  3. You must send the payment receipt through:

  4. The timespan for the academic certificate to be ready will be of 10 to 15 working days, starting from the moment we receive the payment receipt. When we have it available, you will receive a digital copy by email. If you need the original, you can collect it personally at the Graduate School, or it can be picked up by a third person or messenger with your personal written authorization.

The original certificate will be given to you in person at the User Information Office of the Graduate School. You will need to provide your DNI, TIE or passport, or you can send an authorized person whith an authorization document. In this second case, this person must present an authorization document signed by you and the authorized person (document that you will find at the end of this page: authorization procedures) providing her/his DNI, TIE or passport and a photocopy of your DNI, TIE or passport.