Master's Degree in Ethology of Companion Animals

Pioneering master's degree in the field of ethology in companion animals, endorsed by the UAB and which is now 100% online.

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  • UAB Master's Degree (Continuing Education)
  • Code: 4549/3
  • 3rd edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 60 ECTS
  • Start date: 29/02/2024
  • Finish date: 31/12/2024
  • Places: 48
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 4500 €
  • Teaching language: Spanish (70%), English (30%)
  • Location: Facultat de Veterinària de la UAB

The objective of this master's degree is for students to achieve the necessary knowledge to be able to advise on any aspect related to the behavior of companion animals, as well as solve the main behavioral problems.

The Master's Degree in Ethology of Companion Animals was created to respond to the high demand from clinical veterinarians and the lack of official courses in this field.

We focus especially on dogs and cats, but knowledge is also offered to get started in the clinical ethology of exotic animals (birds, small mammals and reptiles) and equids.

Furthermore, we are convinced that to achieve these objectives we need two basic pillars:

  • Offer the student a large number of practical hours to help apply the knowledge acquired during the theoretical hours of the master's degree.
  • Ground the clinical application in the most basic foundations of ethology (ontogeny of behavior, physiology of behavior, etc.). Each clinical case is particular, and the student must emerge being able to cope with the entire variety of behavioral alterations that will be found in daily clinical practice.

You will meet a group of highly motivated teachers eager to share their knowledge and experiences.

IMPORTANT: to qualify for pre-registration it is essential to send your resume to the coordination:

Career opportunities

- Veterinary ethologist.

- Advisor on dog and cat behaviour problems in veterinary clinics, breeding centres, refuges, training centres, dog homes and centres that provide assisted therapy.


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For this study programme non-curricular (optional) internships are possible:

  • Non-curricular
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Coordinating centres

Departamento de Ciencia Animal y de los Alimentos

Collaborating centres

Hospital Clínico Veterinario
Facultad de Veterinaria


Marta Amat Grau

Phone: 935811647

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