Job Seeking Visa

Employment seeking residence permit

RDL 11/2018, de 31 de agosto Título III

The Job Seeking visa, or Employment seeking residence permit, is an authorization based in Spain that would allow you to access a job suitable to your field and level of studies or, if you deem it possible, to create a start-up once you have finished your official high-level studies.

This is a non-lucrative residence permit which means that you will not be able to work with it. Once you have found a job, it would be the company itself who process the visa change from Job Seeking Visa to Worker Visa.

The maximum duration of the permit is up to 24 months, starting from the expiry of the previous student permit.

Application period: You can request for the visa between 60 days before and 90 days after the expiration date. 

  • Be title-holder of a Student Visa.
  • Own a Spanish-based high-level official study diploma (undergrad, official master, phd)
  • Medical insurance that would cover the duration of your stay
  • Own enough economic means for such period.
Needed documents
  • Passport
  • Official form EX01
  • Receipt of the payment of the tax 790/052 (Option 2.1)
  • High-level official study diploma (Or, in case the hard copy is missing the substitute option given to the student)
  • Medical insurance
  • Proof the economic means of the Table with the following model: Declaración Responsable Suficiencia Económica
  • Digital signature

The request must be presented via online through the rec/ platform thanks to the digital signature provided by the students.
The electronic signature can be obtained through this website, remember that you won’t be able to make it if your NIE has expired. After filling out the form one would need to go to the “Oficina de Registro” that would be the closest (Or to “Unidad del Archivo General y Registro” in the UAB.

In the ISS we can inspect the documents before doing the request. Furthermore, we can aid throughout the process of getting a digital signature and the request itself.

All documents must be presented and they are compulsory. (The maximum capacity for the pdf file cannot be bigger than 5MB so we recommend bringing it compressed beforehand).
The solicitation must be directed to “Oficina de Extranjería de Barcelona” or to “Subdelegación/Delegación del Gobierno en Barcelona”.

The period for getting an answer after presenting the documents will be 20 natural days after which it will be understood as an automatic pass given by administrative silence.

Family/Relatives status

Those of who were title holders of a student visa and had their relatives linked to it will be able to obtain a similar permit under the same premises. This title will not let said relatives work.
In order to justify the economic means for them, 75% of the IPREM for the first relative –with a 50% of it for the rest- must be presented.