Schedules and Holidays


  • Meal schedules: In Spain is normal to have five meals a day. We often eat breakfast twice by having the first one first thing in the morning, around 7am and then the second one around 11am since we eat our lunch later than other European countries (Between 2-3pm). Dinner is also done quite late and it will be normal to eat between 9-10pm so we tend to snack around mid-afternoon in order to keep up.


  • Work schedules: Spanish work hours can add up until 40 hours per week. These tend to start between 7am to 9am and end between 5pm and 7pm with a small short break between 1pm and 3pm.


  • Business hours: Shops in Spain open from Monday to Saturday, with the occasional exception in more touristic areas in where you might be able to found some of them open in Sunday too. Opening hours range between 9-10am and 8-10pm, but there might be some that are open until later or remain open 24/7.


Public Holidays


  • 1st of January: New Year*
  • 6th of January: Three Mages Day*
  • March-April (variable): Good Friday*
  • March-April (variable): Easter Monday**
  • 1st of May: Labour Day*
  • May: (variable): Second Easter***
  • 24th of June: Saint John**
  • 15th of August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary*
  • 11th of September: Diada**
  • 24th of September: La Mercé Festivities***
  • 12th of October: Hispanity Day*
  • 1st of November: All Saints Day*
  • 6th of December: Constitution Day*
  • 8th of December: Feast of the Immaculate Conception*
  • 25th of December: Christmas*
  • 26th of December: Saint Esteban**

*National Holiday
**Regional Holiday (Only in Catalonia)
*** Local Holiday (Only in Barcelona/UAB)