Banking and Payments

In Spain, the official currency is the Euro.

Barcelona offers plenty of options for you to keep and handle your money; from local, small, banks to bigger, international bank branches. Before picking which one will suit you best, ask your own bank if they own or have an office in Barcelona.

If you are going to stay in Barcelona for a short amount of time you can open up a “no Spanish Resident” bank account. For that you will need to proof you are not a tax resident with a no resident certificate.

However, if you are going to stay for a longer period of time it could suit you better to pick a “Resident” bank account. In order for that to be possible you will need to obtain the tax residency by fulfilling a number of requisites such having lived in Spain for a certain amount of time.

The information required to open up these different accounts might vary from office to office but they tend to always ask for an ID such the NIE number present in both your Visa and TIE card.