Accommodation and Census Registration

The UAB University is set in the Bellaterra Campus, within the borders of the Cerdanyola del Vallés municipality, 30 minutes away from Barcelona proper.

Within the campus, you will be able to find the residential complex called Vila Universitaria that has more than 2000 accommodation places that range between flats with individual rooms as well as shared and several studios.

Furthermore, aside from what you will be able to find in the campus and Barcelona itself there are several other cities next to the UAB in where you will be able to find an accommodation place as are Cerdanyola del Vallés, Sabadell, Terrasa or SanT Cugat. These cities have a direct connection with the campus via different transportation services, as are buses and trains.

On the BCU (Barcelona Centre Universitari) website you will find several accommodation options for your stay in Barcelona.


  • Reservation: The most usual thing is for you to be asked to pay a deposit that tends to be the equal in amount to a month worth’s rent. This deposit will be part of the fee once you sign up the contract for the place. It is also possible that you will be asked to produce a work contract or salary receipts for your economic means as well as a copy of your passport / your TIE card.
  • Monthly fees: Rent, light, water and gas tend to be paid by direct debit.
  • Fee: The deposit, as said beforehand, will likely be worth of a month’s rent if it is not furnished and two if it is. This deposit will be given back at the end of your contract if there has not been any incidence.
  • Bank Guarantee: It is possible that it can be asked as well and it will be equal to a maximum of six months’ worth of rent for the duration of the contract. This money would not be spent and would be given back in full at the end of said contract.
  • These payments are often done by bank transfer but they can also be asked to do by cash or with a bank draft.
  • We advise you to make an initial inspection of the flat at the beginning of your stay so you can warn the owner of the place if any incidence has happened as soon as possible.


According to law, every person living in Spain must submit their documentation so they can achieve the registration of residency within the municipality they are residing in.

This procedure is compulsory for many of the foreign affairs office processes; specially for getting work and residence permits. In order to manage to do the registration it is necessary to establish a place of residence –which you do not need to own as rented places (minimum 6 months) or a family member’s home will suffice-

In the case you need the census registrationurgently -yet you are still residing in a Hostel accommodation or the like, you can request a Collective Census Registration Authorisation from the owners of the establishment.

The process is done in a town council office of the municipality in which you are residing and the documentation for it varies according to the type of link you may have with the place of residence in question.

Check the offices, time schedules and documents needed to get your slip of residence in Barcelona here