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Like in every other part of Catalonia the vehicular language for the UAB is the Catalan which is considered as official as Spanish throughout the whole university. Between a 60 and 70% of the classes are imparted in Catalan and while the rest are usually done in Spanish the offer for English courses grow year by year.

In every subject the student body can do their essays and exams both in Catalan and Spanish even if the teacher imparts the class in the other language and, in some cases, English is also an option even for such situations even if the class has not been given on it.

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The UAB language service –that has been around for over 35 years- offers the possibility of either learning any new languages or strengthen the ones that you already speak. The service also recognizes and certifies levels attuned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFRL).

Some of the languages offered are Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese. Before enrolling you would need to take an entry level exam. Take into account that the courses can be recognized as credit-earning for your home university if you are undertaking a mobility program. Aside from the building situated within the Bellaterra campus proper the language service has another one in Barcelona; at the UAB building called “Casa Convalescència”.

The service also offers Catalan courses to exchange students. The courses, UAB subsidized, let students learn the language both orally and reading-wise as well as giving them pointers to start speaking and writing it. At the service website you will be able to find more information credit-earning oriented as well as the timetables and course level.

The UAB language service also offers Spanish courses for international students. At the service website you will be able to find more information regarding such courses as well as the prices, timetables and different levels.

Aside from the courses, there is the Tándem option and you can also participate in the voluntary linguistic service so you can be aided in your Catalan students by a local-based student.

The UAB Service language also offers an online center so you could study on your own the languages you would be interested in.

More information at:
Servicio de Lenguas - UAB Idiomes
Tel.: +34 93 581 13 25