Job Seeking Visa

RDL 11/2018, de 31 de agosto Título III

The job seeking visa permit is a Spanish residency authorization issued in order to be able to seek for a job or undertake a business project once all work activity is finished.

This is a non-profit permit, meaning it will not grant the ability to work. Once a job is found it will be the company who will issue the visa change from the seeking visa one to a work one.

The maximum duration for the visa is 12 months -non-renewable- counting from the expiration date of the last residence permit.

Application deadline: You can ask for this permit between the 60 days that span before the expiration date of your current permit and 90 days after said date. The application, as long as it is done among those days, renovates the validity of the permit you had until the resolution of the procedure.

Necessary documentation

  • Signed request Solicitud de autorización residencia titulares - mark option "Prorrogada para búsqueda de empleo"
  • Passport (all pages)
  • Copy of the TIE and the last resolution slip of the current accepted permit.
  • Accredited document stated the finalization of your investigative activity: you must present a slip of paper from the entity in where you were doing this activity signaling the finalization of said activity.
  • Health insurance spanning the whole duration of the seeking visa permit.
  • Economical means that will span the duration of the permit: An affidavit detailing the economical means. These should be, at the bare minimum, 100% of the IPREM if the documents presented are for the visa-holder only.
  • Digital signature 


The permit needs to be presented via online through the rec/ website. Hence the necessity of the digital signature.

The digital signature can be found on this web; keep in mind that it cannot be done with an already expired NIE. After filling up the form one would need to go to the nearest Registration office or at the “Unidad del Archivo General y Registro” of the UAB proper.

At the ISS we can look at the documents and check if they are fit. Furthermore, we can aid with the process of obtaining the digital signature as well as the act of presenting them via online.

Within the application it must be added every necessary document mentioned above. -The maximum size the webpage allows is 5MB, we recommend put every PDF together and comprise them in order to be able to do so-

The application must be directed to “Oficina de Extranjería de Barcelona” or to “Subdelegación/ Delegación del Gobierno de Barcelona”.

The time-window for the resolution itself to come back spans 20 days. After those are passed the visa will be granted due to administrative silence.

Family members

Family members who have obtained a Stay Authorization or Residence permit linked to a Research Residency permit from a family member will also be able to obtain a Seeking Job visa. This permit is also a non-profit one.

In order to justify the economical means, it will be needed to prove the 75% of the IPREM of the first member and the 50% for the others.