The Fundació UAB


The FUAB establishes the strategy for the projects of the Graduate School for Archival and Records Management, the School for Risk Prevention and Occupational Safety, the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, the Doctor Robert School, the HCV Foundation, UAB Idiomes Barcelona, the Professional Training Centre and specific programmes for international students. 

The FUAB Professional Training Centre has been offering university-quality Higher Vocational Training Courses since 2014.

It currently offers the Higher Vocational Qualification in International Trade with the aim of preparing professionals to plan and manage the arrival and despatch of goods in line with import and export processes, in international companies or national companies with an international presence and activity.

The programme includes official accreditation of French and English. Students are divided by level and, is the only centre of its kind in Catalonia to teach Business Chinese. 

The Escola Doctor Robert is a centre attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offering Master’s degrees in the areas of health sciences and social sciences.

During the 2017-18 academic year the school taught official Master’s degrees in Social Policy and Community Care, in collaboration with the Institute for Government and Public Policies, Transfusional Medicine and Advanced Cell Therapies (online and partially taught in English) and in Physiotherapy Applied to Sport and Physical Activity.

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The School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security of the Universitat Autònoma was the first to offer studies in risk prevention and security in Spain in 1998 and undertook the task of professionalising a sector which until then had no openings in universities.

The educational model of the school offers the security sector the opportunity of advancing towards European standards while taking on new lines of research and teaching innovation.

At the same time, it has made great efforts to maintain a close relationship with companies in the sector in order to respond to their growing need for qualified personnel.

The School's offer of courses is aimed at both new university students (from high school or vocational training courses) who want to enter the labour market, and active professionals who are seeking to advance in their area of work, either by studying for the Prevention and Safety Bachelor’s degree or for one of the Master’s degrees or postgraduate diplomas, or specialisation courses.

Currently, the school is working to achieve greater internationalisation by participating in European networks in this area which promote its consolidation and greater proximity to the European continent in matters of risk prevention and security.

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The Graduate School in Archival and Records Management is a centre for teaching, research and consultancy with a comprehensive and modern view of the profession. Established in 2002, it has been a pioneer in teaching in the field of archival and records management in Spain and the first organisation internationally to obtain the ISO 30301 certification for record management systems.

The centre offers official Master’s degrees in Archival and Records Management and in Records Management, Access to Information and Transparency, as well as a broad offer of CPD courses in the form of postgraduate courses, basic courses and specific classroom and online training courses.

The school has collaboration agreements with universities in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and the Bolivia, and with the national general archives of Uruguay and the Dominican Republic as well as numerous professional associations and organisations nationally and internationally.

In terms of research, the school promotes a range of projects related to the efficacy and efficiency of record management systems and has a number of lines of specific research in records and archive management on the PhD programme in Comparative, Political and Social History of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

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The School of Tourism and Hotel Management has been a pioneer in Spain since it was established in 1993. It offers Bachelor’s degrees in Tourism, Tourism in English and Hotel Management, which in turn offer a high level of specialisation in student training. The synergies established between these courses enable students to use and take advantage of common resources and to benefit from the rigorous standards of university education.

The continuity of studies is assured through the official Master’s degrees in Direction and Organisation of Events Tourism and Hotel Company Management, UAB Master’s degrees and postgraduate courses in Tourism and Humanities and in Ecotourism, and a large range of specialisation courses, as well as options for international exchanges with over 30 universities around the world. 

The school has a strong and continuing relationship with the tourism and hotel sector which supports national and international work placements for students, facilitates the direct participation in private companies and public organisations in its teaching activities, and keeps channels open for job opportunities for its graduates.

The school also offers a doctoral studies programme.

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The FUABformació School is attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and offers a range of UAB Master’s degrees in different fields of knowledge.

Located on the UAB campus, a healthy and sustainable campus of excellence, its students can enjoy all the services offered by the university: libraries; sports facilities managed by the Servei d’Activitat Física; the Employability Service of the UAB, with job offers and guidance for seeking work and entrepreneurship; the Language Service and a host of cultural and other activities. There is also a free bus service for getting around the campus.

FUABformació is located in the University Village which is the campus student residence complex, accommodating more than 2,000 students each year and offering a range of shops and services. Very close by is the Health Centre, which is open to the entire university community.

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One of the principal missions of the HCV is to offer teaching support to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the UAB.  But beyond that initial objective the hospital has developed a number of consolidated training courses to give students the best environment in which to receive maximum quality veterinary education, as well as courses for graduate vets and other animal health professionals.

The HCV has been a pioneer in the creation of internships, official residence programmes and training courses for Veterinary Assistants along the lines of the US model. Thanks to this training course, more than 300 students have benefitted from the experience and knowledge of this prestigious team.

In addition to regulated training, each year the hospital receives more than 120 campus visiting vets from all over Europe who come to update their knowledge.

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These programmes aim to promote the teaching activity at the UAB internationally and create ad-hoc programmes for an international public.

Educational offer:

Selected Courses

For international students who want to attend the regular subjects of the different degrees at the UAB at the main Campus with Spanish students and other international students who come through the Erasmus programme.

Pre-Established Programme

Designed for international students who'd like to stay in Barcelona doing elective subjects in English or Spanish with optional Spanish or Catalan language lessons, during 15, 6 or 3 weeks. It takes place on the UAB Barcelona Campus, Casa Convalescència.

Tailor Made Programmes

Customized programmes for institutions and agencies that want to provide groups of international students with an educational experience at the UAB.The programmes have no minimum duration, can be booked all year round, have flexible timetables and can include accommodation, meals, transport, cultural visits and leisure activities.

Gap Year Programme

A semester in Barcelona for students who are preparing their next academic step and have completed secondary education in their home country. It includes elective subjects and language lessons and takes place in Casa Convalescència, the UAB campus in Barcelona.

Foundation Year Programme

One or two semesters in Barcelona, at the UAB Barcelona Campus, for students who have completed high school or secondary education in their home country and wish to do their undergraduate degree in a Spanish University. The programme includes Spanish or English language lessons to reach the required B2 level and complementary academic education.

Business & Management Programme (B&M)

A semester in Barcelona for graduate students seeking a Study Abroad experience as part of a Masters or Post-Graduate programme in the field of Business and Management. It taked place in the UAB campus in Barcelona and includes elective courses with optional Spanish or Catalan language classes.

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UAB Idiomes Barcelona is the language teaching centre of the UAB in the city of Barcelona. It is located in the Casa Convalescència, in the complex of the Hospital de Sant Pau, and offers a wide range of languages and study options.

In 2016-17 courses were taught to more than 3,000 students. Among the courses on offer are the specific courses for Seniors, which have been very popular since their introduction and have made it a leading language teaching centre for students over 50.

Apart from classes for individual students, UAB Idiomes Barcelona also offers a service for companies and institutions, giving classes at the School for Tourism and Hotel Management, the Port Authority of Barcelona and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, among others.

The centre also organised annual conferences for language professionals – TESOL Spain Regional Event and Laberintos 2, and organises exams for obtaining the ACLES certificate.

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