What should I keep in mind before applying for the online deposit?

Activitats en català per a doctorands

In this video you will find information on how to enter your activities in your academic record.

Before requesting  to deposit your thesis online you should have carried out all the obligatory activities (indicated by a blue icon). Remember that you should have filled in all the details and uploaded the documentary evidence on the application. They must also have been validated by your supervisor or tutor.


Compulsoty documents:

  • The thesis file.
  • A sheet with the names of the members of the examination panel (not necessarily signed).
  • Any documents required by your PhD Programme.

Documents which will be required if you make any of this requests, and which should be uploaded in the 'Attach documents' section:

  • 2 reports for the International Doctoral Research Component.
  • Document containing the decision on whether the thesis may be written in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English.
  • Document containing the decision of acceptance of a thesis as a collection of articles by the PhD Programme Academic Committee.

If the PhD Programme has authorised the presentation of the thesis as a collection of articles, you should indicate this in the online request form.

The request will be considered incomplete if you do not upload all the required documents or information.


Thesis file format:
  • PDF. The thesis document should contain the entire content of the thesis. If there are restricted access articles, please indicate the DOI in the corresponding section. See the FAQs section.
  • The file should not be protected by a password.
  • The names of the files that are incorporated (that of the thesis, that of the examination board sheet ...) cannot contain accents or special characters (_ - "/ etc.), only letters of the alphabet.

The thesis file should contain the thesis in its entirety, with the exception of theses subject to data protection or thechnological transfer processes.

Follow the formal criteria for presenting a PhD thesis.

Can I upload a replacement thesis fila?
See the FAQs

What do I have to know about Intellectual Property and Open Access?

We recommend you to make a complete impression of the thesis before attaching the copy in the application to detect possible pagination errors, graphics, images, personal or third party personal data, etc ...


Ask the Coordinator of the PhD Programme (the department or institute responsible for your PhD) about requests to write the theses in languages other than Catalan, Spanish or English and the length of time in advance that this request should be made. You should upload the document containing the decision on your request in the ‘Attach documents’ section. 

If your thesis is being co-tutored please see the information on cotutelle.


In this blog you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions which can offer information and advice about intellectual property and open access, which carried no legal status on the part of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. You can access the information by doing a search or browsing the subject specific folders.


In the online request form you should tick the corresponding box and attach the expert reports in the ‘Attach documents’ section.

See more information about the International Doctoral Research Component.


In the online request form you should tick the corresponding box.

See the procedure for the Industrial Doctoral Research Component.


You have to make a request to do so one month before you begin the process of requesting to deposit your thesis on line, by writing to: ed.comissions@uab.cat.

Check the procedures and decisions of the Standing Committee


You have to make your request at least one month before the request to deposit the thesis on line by writing to: ed.comissions@uab.cat. In the request to deposit your thesis on line you should include the ENCODED version of the thesis as well as the usual documents required for the deposit.

The NON ENCODED version should be delivered personally to the Academic Secretary’s Office or the Head of the Technical Unit for Doctoral Studies at the Doctoral School.

For more information:


First you need to check at sia.uab.es (Online services and procedures/Research Monitoring) that the supervisor(s) and/or tutor named are those currently working with you on your thesis. If there are any changes or if the information is not correct you should contact the Doctoral Programme Coordinator (Department/Institute responsible for your PhD) as soon as possible.

In this link you will find the form to request the change of the thesis supervisor or the academic tutor of your thesis.

Remember that if you modify one of your thesis supervisors or academic tutor, you must sign another commitment document.


Consult the information to do the self-registration of the thesis.

If you are the holder of a Large Family card or certification of any degree of disability issued by the Government of Catalonia and / or you have renewed it in the last year, and you have not provided us with it, you need to send a copy before making the deposit to ed.matrícula@uab.cat (you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).

If your large family card or certification of any degree of disability is issued by the rest of the communities in Spain or you have any other documents accrediting a reduction in the cost of  the registration fees, please send a copy, before making the deposit, to ed.matrícula@uab.cat (you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname), to study if you have the right to the deduction. Later you have to send us by post an attested copy to the following address:

Atenció a l'Usuari
Doctoral School
Floor 3 - U Building
Travessera de Can Miró, s/n - Campus UAB
08193 - Bellaterra (Barcelona)


If as a consequence of the pandemic situation you have to request a semi-presential or virtual thesis defense, it is necessary that you make the request a month before the date on which you want to defend. On this page (in Spanish) you will find the form and all the other information.


We would like to inform you of the regulations for the format of your thesis. If you would like more information about the compendium of publications format please see the ‘information related to the thesis’ section of the ‘Thesis’ tab in the file of your PhD programme.

You can also find information related to the document Criteria for the presentation of your PdD thesis (document in Catalan).

Academic regulations of the UAB

Article 358. Format of the PhD thesis (article modified in accordance with the agreement of the Governing Council on 19 March 2015)

  1. The PhD thesis must contain at least the following: an introduction to the subject of study, the objectives to be fulfilled, a description of the research carried out as the main part, discussion of the results obtained, conclusions and bibliography. The thesis may also contain the annexes considered necessary. It may also contain the results of research presented at conferences or published in articles.
  2. The front page of the thesis should contain details of what the thesis is about: a title, subtitle, where necessary, name of the author, name of the academic supervisor, name of the PhD programme, the department or research institute, the university, and the year when the thesis was deposited. For theses consisting of more than one volume the volume number should also appear.
  3. Each PhD programme must establish the necessary mechanisms for authorising theses as compendia if publications. These mechanisms must guarantee that there is a minimum of two publication and that in each publication the UAB appears in affiliation with the supervisor or the doctoral candidate, or in the acknowledgements or a footnote reading “This work has been carried out as part of the [name of] PhD programme of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona”. The content of points 1 and 2 of this article also applies to theses authorised in the compendium of publications format.