Masters and Graduate Diplomas in Political Sciences and Society

Masters Start date Places Modality
Applied Social Research Techniques (TISA) Nov 19 50 Online
Diplomacy and International Public Service Sep 19 35 Onsite
Environmental Intervention and Management: Society and Individual Oct 19 30 Onsite
European Master in Demography Oct 19 18 Onsite
Gender and Communication Oct 19 30 Onsite
Interuniversity Master's Degree in Contemporary Migrations Oct 19 30 Onsite
Local Law and Management (Barcelona) Oct 18 50 Onsite
Management of Political and Electoral Communication Feb 20 40 Online
Metropolis in Urban and Metropolitan Studies Oct 19 30 Onsite
Political Ecology. Degrowth and Environmental Justice Oct 19 35 Onsite
Political Marketing: Strategies and Political Communication Oct 19 25 Onsite
Risk and Emergency Management Nov 19 25 Onsite