The ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identification system excels above others by the following features:

  • It is the unique initiative widely supported by major publishers (Nature Publishing Group, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier...) and by research institutions (CERN, MIT, California Tech...).
  • Its identifier is based on ISO 27729: 2012: each researcher can get a persistent and unique ORCID identifier.
  • It allows interoperability between the main bibliographic databases. For example, it may now be linked to the Scopus Author ID and to the ResearcherID
  • It is integrated into the scientific publication cycle, such as the submission of scientific papers to publishers.
  • It meets all the main actors’ needs (authors, publishers, institutions) and is compatible with other systems. It follows a growing pace of implementation, which makes it a candidate for a global system.
  • It is the identifier recommended by the UAB and the CSUC (Consortium of University Services of Catalonia). It enables the publication of research datasets in the DDD and makes the research output visible on the Research Portal of Catalonia.


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