The ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) identification system excels above others by the following features:

  • It is the unique initiative widely supported by major publishers (Nature Publishing Group, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier...) and by research institutions (CERN, MIT, California Tech...).
  • Its identifier is based on ISO 27729: 2012: each researcher can get a persistent and unique ORCID identifier.
  • It allows interoperability between the main bibliographic databases. For example, it may now be linked to the Scopus Author ID and to the ResearcherID
  • It is integrated into the scientific publication cycle, such as the submission of scientific papers to publishers.
  • It meets all the main actors’ needs (authors, publishers, institutions) and is compatible with other systems. It follows a growing pace of implementation, which makes it a candidate for a global system.
  • It is the identifier recommended by the UAB and the CSUC (Consortium of University Services of Catalonia). It makes the research output visible on the Research Portal of Catalonia.


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