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Description of the collection:
Dean of Japanese anthropology in the USA, the personal and intellectual career of Prof. Befu (Stanford University) covers many of the events that have marked contemporary Japan, from the collective experience of war to the multicultural society of the early 21st century, as well as the economic expansion and the long-term crisis at the end of the 20th century.

His pioneer works offer a critical approach to the study of Japanese society and culture that has contributed decisively to overcoming myths and essentialist interpretations. Particularly significant is his work in the study of Japanese cultural nationalism and its implications for the modern construction of Japanese identity. The collection allows us to follow the genesis of the thesis of Prof. Befu in this field, from the sources consulted to the materials and documents which are the subject of his analysis, in a legacy of 400 monographs unique in the academic world.

Master of masters in the cultural study of Japan, inside and outside its borders, the Harumi Befu’s Collection makes accessible to the academic community a part of the personal library of an investigator whose ethical commitment and intellectual rigor provide an inspiring example for several generations of researchers.

Coordinator of the collection: Dr. Blai Guarné, Department of Translation and Interpretation & East Asian Studies, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.

Limit dates: 1919-2012

Date of incorporation: 2012

Depository library: Humanities Library

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