Renew your TIE

Renewing your Student Residence Authorization Card - TIE

Consult the status of your NIE application on the following link:


From the entry into force of the Law 39/2015, the student permit renewal applications must be submitted thorugh electronic means (in the Foreigners Office Website or in the Electronic Register) or personally at any Register Office or in the Government General Registration Office, at 12, Bergara Street (Barcelona).

In order to submit application through the Internet, you must obtain an Electronic Signature in this website, remember that you won't be able to make it if your NIE has expired. After sending the application for electronic signature, you must visit your closer Registration Office or the General Register in the Rectorate building.

The ISS can check your student permit renewal application before submitting it. Furthermore, we can help you in obtaining your electronic signature, in case you are submitting your application through the Internet, and provide support on electronic procedures.


1. Residence tax: The TAX must be paid before presenting the renewal application and a copy must be provided of the receipt of payment along with the other documentation. Paying the tax does not automatically imply that renewal has been granted but it is not possible to favourably resolve the application unless it can be shown that the corresponding fees have been paid. If you have any problems downloading this PDF, you will also find the document at the end of this page.

2. Official Form Ex-00 original + 1 photocopy).  If you have problems in downloading this link, you can find the document at the bottom of this page.

3. Photocopy of the main page of the passport

4. Photocopy of your Student Residence Card (front and back)

5. Copy of your enrolment application, and receipt of payment or document accrediting you are a grant holder (You can ask for a copy of the bank transfer; if you are a master's or doctoral student, you may ask for a receipt of payment at the Graduate School Administration Office).

6. Certified photocopy of last year's academic transcript if applicable, or a letter from the thesis tutor or director (you will find a draft at the bottom of this page) in the case of research projects and doctoral theses.

7. If you have changed your residence, you must present the up-to-date Certificate of census Registration.

8. Economic means (check the table in Spanish here).

9. Photocopy of the medical insurance policy. Click here for more information.

From June 25th, the Social Security card will not be considered enough for the NIE renewal procedure. It will be needed a "Entitlement to medical assistance", issued in one of the National Institute of Social Security offices.
If it is not possible, it will be needed a private medical insurance.

Check the Handbook for the renewal of the NIE with all the information detailed.