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(Un)ruling the World. Politics and Ideologies

(Un)ruling the World. Politics and Ideologies

Since 1945 the world has witnessed solid political and ideological bases. Nevertheless, certain issues seem to cyclically come back into the spotlight. The purpose of this track is to analyse the political arrangement of a number of different countries, as well as of Europe, so as to understand why certain elements of political ideology are on the rise again to shatter current political and social structures.

(Un)ruling the world. Politics and ideologies' Courses

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Political Institutions

6ECTS Study guide

Contemporary Social Structures

6ECTS Study guide

From Fascism to National-Populism

Research Internship 6ECTS  
Elective course in Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences 6ECTS List of elective courses

The total amount of credits of the track is 30 ECTS.

Students will have the opportunity to enjoy on-campus social activities organised by the Community Involvement Unit.


Students for whom English is not their mother tongue, a level of C1 (Common European Framework of Reference) is required.