Gender training

Activities with ECTS credit recognition

The UAB Observatory for the Equality offers several activities with gender perspective which provide recognition of academic credits.

The activities we present address gender perspective (course 2021-2022) from different professional, academic and participation areas, such as non-sexist communication, gender perspective in university environments or the collaboration with the brigades of the Purple Point (stand to prevent gender based violence and sexual harassment).

The goal is to work as itinerant couples (brigades) of the Purple Point in the UAB's Festa Major, informing about the protocols and resources of the UAB to address situations of gender violence, and taking care of attacked persons in possible cases of attacks. The functions of the brigade are: 1) go through the different virtual spaces in the UAB's Festa Major; 2) accompany the people who have suffered an attack to the Virtual Purple Point; 3) inform about the Purple Point and other resources about sexual violence at the UAB.

There will be three training sessions before the Festa Major, during October 2021, and on the day of the UAB's Festa Major, 4th November, the people who are part of the brigades will act as itinerant couples of the Purple Point.

Calendar: 14th, 21th and 28th of October 2021 and 4th of November 2021
Time: to be determined
Place: to be determined
Price: free
Total hours: 25 hours
ECTS credits: 1 ECTS credit in activities with academic recognition (for degrees)
Limited attendants: 50 people

Registrations will open on September 13th, 2021.

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Communicating with a gender perspective requires understanding how the speech we produce perpetuates the patriarchal and androcentric ideology of society which places women and all those people not defined from the man subject in otherness and isolation. For this reason, it is necessary to identify where and how inequality and gender-based discrimination in linguistic and audiovisual speech are expresses, implicitly and explicitly. We will learn in a practical way how to apply the different recommendations for non-sexist communication and the use of an inclusive language to gain precision and exactness in our messages.

Calendar: February/March, 2022
Time: 3 to 5 pm 
Place: online
Price: 30 euros.
ECTS credits: 2 ECTS credits as academic recognised activities (for undergraduates)
Limited places.20 places

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We will work, through participatory methodologies and with a reduced number of participants, the necessary skills and knowledge so students can identify the different sexual and gender violence situations at the university and other contexts, as well as to accompany and respectfully help the people involved. The students will have the skills to deactivate and avoid in their environment the attitudes promoting sexual harassment and other sexual and gender violence.

Calendar:  8th, 15th, 22th and 29th November 2021 
Price: Free. Funding by "Pacto de Estado contra la Violencia de Género"  Spanish Government 
ECTS credits: 2 ECTS credits as academic recognised activities (for undergraduates)
Limited places: 15 places

Registration form closed. Will be open in the next call, in 1th, october 2021.

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