Gender-based violence

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UAB free from gender violence

The project begins in 2013 and is an answer to the application of measure 4.5. “Design and implement a comprehensive proposal to eradicate gender violence and abusive relationships, to increase institutional coordination, and include in it a protocol and a procedure to report and take care of sexual harassment, sex-based harassment and sexual orientation-based harassment cases ” of the Third action plan for equality between women and men at the UAB.
The main goals are the following:

  1. Give visibility, raise awareness and prevent gender violence through studies, campaigns and training workshops.
  2. Give resources to the University to take care of gender violence situations that may occur in the campus.
  3. Assist and inform about resources in gender violence cases.
  4. Establish coordination procedures for the involved agents.

In this section you will find the resources and actions developed as part of this project: