About plans

What is it?

One of the tasks entrusted to the Observatory is to elaborate proposals for action plans. The UAB action plans are a compilation of measures and actions to be implemented from a diagnostic study, a revision of the legal framework and other national, European, and international action plans. These measures are intended to improve the situation of people discriminated by reason of sex or disability, and are classified according to the objectives or scope. For each action it has been appointed a specific implementation period (annual, permanent or occasional), the necessary tools, and the University’s responsible bodies.

Since our foundation, the Observatory has elaborated three plans on gender equality and one aimed at people with disabilities. All four plans have been introduced to and assessed by the Executive Governing Body, the Observatory’s Advisory Council and social partners, and eventually, passed by the Governing Council.

This section includes the action plans on gender and disabilities passed by the Governing Council of UAB and a brief introduction to each of them