Third Action Plan for Equality between Women and Men at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Quadrennial 2013-2017


In June 2006, the Governing Council of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona approved the First Action Plan thereby reaffirming its commitment to equality between women and men and its desire to fulfil the objective set out in article 8 of the UAB Statutes:
«Article 8. Promoting equality between men and women». Statutes of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

1. The University, in accordance with international, European, and internal principles and regulations, is committed to promote equal opportunities between women and men within its self-governing regulations.

2. The areas that need to be addressed are:
a) Equal access to education and university research.
b) Equal access to job positions and professional promotion in the University.
c) Regulating working conditions regarding gender perspective, with particular emphasis on work-life balance.
d) Promoting gender perspective in teaching and research plans.
e) Promoting equal representation in the various decision-making bodies and levels of the University.

When the validity of the First Action Plan expired, the Executive Governing Body presented a proposal for a Second Plan, which was later approved by the Governing Council on 9 June 2008. Nowadays, the UAB abides by the Third Action Plan for Equality between Women and Men, approved by the Governing Council on 17 July 2013.

The third plan results from assessing the obtained data from an updated diagnosis of the situation of women at UAB, evaluating the degree of implementation of the measures provided in the Second Action plan, and a participatory process opened to the entire university community. Moreover, the current action plan meets the following fourth principles: a) promoting inclusive university and inclusive excellence; b) equal opportunities between women and men; c) including the perspective of gender intersectionality; and d) fostering inclusive research and teaching.

Content and structure

The third plan consists of 48 measures structured around four axes or fields of action, and is a continuation of the measures already stated in the Second Action Plan. Measures considered to be insufficient have been reinforced in its definition or implementation, and new ones have been included, especially in areas like teaching and research, and participation in the University life.
The following axes are provided in the action plan:

Axis 1. Visibilisation of sexism and inequalities, awareness-raising and creation of opinions
Axis 2. Equality in conditions of access, promotion, and organisation of work and study Axis 3. Promotion of a gender perspective in teaching and research
Axis 4. Equality in participation and representation in the university community.

In addition to the measures, the action plan introduces data from the diagnosis of women’s situation in our university, along with main results obtained from assessing the level of implementation of the Second Action Plan, and from the participatory process conducted to elaborate the third.

III Action Plan for Equality Between Women and Men at the UAB. 2013-2017