Prizes to the best TFG's with gender perspective

The call stems from the agreement signed by the ICD with the UAB’s Faculty of Law to organise a prize to the best TFG in each of the degrees in the Faculty in the academic year 2014-2015. Since the year 2015-2016, the Observatory carries out this initiative but extending it to all the faculties at the UAB. Since the year 2018-2019, the call receives a subsidy of €1000 by the ICD.

These prizes have as a goal to raise awareness among students on gender equality and non-discrimination by promoting their interest on research. Likewise, we want to include gender perspective in teaching and promote gender as an interest point in research and study at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Who can participate, procedure and deadline

This prize is open to undergraduate students from any UAB Faculty who have written their TFG over the academic year 2019-2020 and fulfil the following requirements:

  • The TFG may be of any area of knowledge. It must have been written during the academic year 2019-2020 and obtained a minimum grade of 8.5.
  • The TFG must apply gender perspective when treating the researched phenomenon described in section 3 of the rules.
  • The length and language of the TFGs will follow the rules established by each Faculty.

Group TFGs are also eligible for the prize.

Students willing to take part will have to sign up by filling the online form.

The deadline to register for the prize is Desember 1th, 2020.


The Observatory for Equality gives the prize to the best TFG with a gender perspective for each degree.

Of all the prizes awarded by degree, the best TFGs with a gender perspective by area of knowledge, a maximum of four, will be given:

  • Best TFG with a gender perspective in the area of Sciences, Biosciences and Technologies
  • Best TFG with a gender perspective in the area of Social and Juridical Sciences
  • Best TFG with a gender perspective in the area of Arts and Humanities
  • Best TFG with a gender perspective in the area of Health Sciences

The prize will will be a Diploma issued by the UAB’s Observatory for Equality for each of the authors of the TFGs awarded for each degree. Likewise, the UAB’s Observatory for Equality will publish the TFGs on its website and promote them, reserving the right of use of the research’s content notwithstanding that established in copyright regulations.

Each of the best awarded TFGs by field of knowledge will receive, at least, the amount of €250* and the mention of this prize in the Diploma. If the prize were to be left undecided in one or more areas of knowledge, the corresponding amount will be distributed equally between the TFGs which are finally awarded by area.

The prize will be handed over at an academic event in the UAB Campus, which will take place in March 2021.

(*) The prize is subject to taxing by the awarded people according to applicable fiscal regulations.




The awards to the best Final Degree Projects with a gender perspective for each area of knowledge and with an economic reward have been delivered to:
Arts and Humanities
Feminismo y LGTB+ en "Sailor Moon": Género e inclusión en un producto cultural japonés             
Author: Marina Albaladejo Pérez
Studies: East Asian Studies
Abstract: This essay offers a gender and inclusion analysis of the work Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon (美少女戦士 セーラームーン) by Takeuchi Naoko. This Japanese cultural product is studied from a feminist perspective, based on the hypothesis that the work was subversive within the world of manga, anime, and of the mahō shōjo genre of shōjo manga, introducing feminist elements, LGBT+ collective characters and a diversity in love and family roles that differs from the hegemonic patterns.
Health Science
Indicadors de sospita en la violència de gènere
Author: Alejandro Coello González
Studies: Medicine
Abstract: Gender-based violence is a type of violence directed at women by the fact of being so. It has been observed that battered women use the health resources more often, and that is why health professionals must play a key role in the early detection of violence. There are findings about physical injuries, behaviors during the interview or ways of using health resources, among many others. However, there are still several limitations to ask about the abuse to the women.
Science, Biosciences and Technologies
La invisibilidad de las mujeres en los ensayos preclínicos: aproximación a los modelos animales
Author: Marta Vera Fernández
Studies: Biotechnology
Abstract: This essay analyses the invisibility that women experience in preclinical trials, which is related to the increase of their adverse reactions to medicines (ADRs). The female animal models used have lower representation due to the assumption that their estrous cycles provide unreliable results in experiments. The increase of the quantity of women who suffer ADRs proofs that the sexism and androcentrism in science can affect our health.
Social Sciences and Law
De la marginalitat a la centralitat política: la construcció del feminisme com a força hegemònica
Author: Andrea Lamich Collado   
Studies: Political Science and Public Administration
Abstract: Feminism is everywhere. In the streets, the 8th of March; in the media and social networks; in the political agenda and society; and also in our daily lives. The new feminist wave is here to stay, as nothing will be the same again. The aim of this essay originates from the interest of knowing how it was possible to break the normalisation of gender inequality, and especially, what happened in the past as many did not get to see it. The category of analysis used is the theorized hegemony by Antonio Gramsci.
In addition, the following projects have also been awarded:
Engineering School
Alerta Feminista
Author: Ferran Sánchez Rodríguez
Studies: Computer Engineering
Abstract: According to the UN, one of every three women will suffer gender violence during her life. This statistic visibilizes both the insecurity and risk that women suffer in our current societies. Taking into account the fact that most of these cases of violence occur in public spaces, this application is intended to be a self-defense tool for women to achieve mutual support in the space where they are most vulnerable: the street.
Faculty of Biosciences
Estudio de la intersexualidad como herramienta para problematizar el sentido biológico de la clasificación dicotómica del sexo
Author: Zoe Garcia Castaño
Studies: Biology
Abstract: The following essay proposes a research project aimed to question the sex category, based on intersexuality as a reality that calls into question the male/female dichotomy. This paper briefly discusses the notion of science as an universal truth. Furthermore, it shows a brief overview of western history's concept of sex and exposes reasonings that defend that sex is a construction.
The very many faces of Chipko: the role of gender in a grassroots environmental activism moviment
Author: Amisha Suraj Bhojwani
Studies: Environmental Biology
Abstract: Chipko is a second wave grassroots environmental activism movement in 1970's Northern India, where the introduction of a western model of development affects the livelihoods of women directly by the mechanisation of agricultural practices and indirectly by the consequences of forest felling. The literature categorises it as a women's movement on many occasions, however, there is a lack of consensus amongst analysts.
Problematització històrica dels conceptes "gènere" i "sexe" en la ciència occidental
Author: Aura Blanch Torras
Studies: Genetics
Abstract: The following research paper makes a historical, social and scientific analysis of the concepts of gender and sex. Using heuristic tools provided by the feminist and historical analysis, the study starts with the first conception of sex (previous to the sexual dichotomy and the conceptual separation of gender) and ends talking about the current dichotomous perception. It also includes different ideological and philosophical movements that led to the scientific redefinition of the concepts and that also made it problematic in several historical moments.
Faculty of Communication Science
Realització d'un curtmetratge: "AURORA"
Author: Miquel Camarasa Sanchis, Sergio Delgado Asensio, Beatriz Fernández Valbuena, Andrea Romera Huerta
Studies: Audiovisual Communication
Abstract: AURORA has a double life: on the one hand, it is a 10 minute short film; on the other hand, it is also a 30 second spot. This TFG has covered all the phases of the production process: from the script writing until the postproduction and preparation of the future distribution plan. It is a story that reports gender violence from a toxic relationship between two elder people. It is done with a surrealist style and has a powerful ending. "AURORA" invites the viewer to reflect on this topic.
Sofia Casanova a través de sus crónicas, corresponsal en cinco guerras del siglo XX (1915-­1944)
Author: Eila Rodríguez Filgueiras
Studies: Journalism
Abstract: This paper examines the writings of Sofia Casanova while she was the first Spanish war correspondent based in Poland and Russia, for the newspaper ABC during both world wars, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Patriotic War and the Polish-Soviet War. 129 of her articles and reports written between 1915 and 1944. They are analysed from journalistic, ideological and personal perspectives. In order to gain a greater and deeper understanding of her work, her biography, which is crucial for an understanding of her personality and its impact on her writings, was also researched and analysed.
Faculty of Communication Science
El sexisme del professorat a les aules de primària. El llenguatge, la metodologia i la percepció
Author: Mariona Campmajó i Soldán
Studies: Primary Education
Abstract: Starting with a social context in which the feminist movement is especially present and creates a lot of controversy, my interest to know the role of education arises. Even though there is some progress regarding laws, centre projects and educational plans, the day to day in classrooms has to be very different if society continues to refuse change. What are we doing wrong so that the fact of being a man or a woman doesn’t imply any privileges or convictions?
Genderless? Les competències de gènere dels i les estudiants del Studies d'Educació Primària de la UAB
Author: Mireia Gómez Mayoral   
Studies: Pedagogy
Abstract: Education is one of the bases to change social structures. Therefore, one of the methods to eradicate gender disparity is to incorporate gender perspective in the academic curriculum (Xarxa Vives, 2017) and, especially, to offer training on gender competence to the students of the Bachelor's degree in Primary Education (AQU, 2018) so they can apply it in their professional practice. For all this, this article investigates specifically if the students of the Bachelor's degree in Primary Education of the UAB acquire competences on gender, through the analysis of a follow-up report and interviews to teaching staff and students.
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Gender and Religion: Holy Anorexia vs Anorexia Nervosa
Author: Amaya Haddock
Studies: Sociology
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation was to bring to light a different perspective regarding anorexia nervosa creating a framework that examined the disease from a historical and gender point of view. From this perspective, I intended to demonstrate that anorexia is no modern disease, as research shows, its manifestation dates back to the Middle Ages embodied in the figures of what we call "Holy Fasting Saints."
Faculty of Law
La violència sexual en conflictes armats. Programa formatiu en l'àmbit militar espanyol
Author: Geòrgia Carrasquilla Lladó
Studies: Criminology
Abstract: This essay is a study of sexual violence in armed conflicts. The victims are men and women, and their perpetrators varied, although mostly are members of the military systems. Different factors explain this serious and invisibilised phenomenon, the majority come from a patriarchal global ideology, which is even more intense inside the military institution, and rewards masculinity —perceived as strength and power— and punishes femininity —perceived as weakness and submission—. This essay proposes a training program of specific application to the Spanish Armed Forces with the aim of preventing sexual violence. Finally, it also proposes a model of victimisation surveys as a tool to compile data and evaluate the program.
Justicia de género y movimiento social feminista. Un análisis desde la perspectiva de Nancy Fraser
Author: Andrea Lamich Collado      
Studies: Law
Abstract: Based on the theory of justice of Nancy Fraser, this essay examines the proposals and claims of the feminist movement in the Spanish state to check the relation and influence of the conceptual framework made by the author. In addition, it includes a reflection on the discussion of prostitution through the lens developed by the American professor. In a moment when the social feminist movement wants a deep transformation of the social reality, the analytical frame and the theorized categories by Fraser allow us to clarify the questions that should be present in the approach and overcoming of gender injustice.
La nueva protección por nacimiento de hijo en el marco del principio de igualdad
Author: Noelia Albarrán Villegas
Studies: Labour Relations
Abstract: In the job market, women come across discrimination that is based, fundamentally, in their biological condition for maternity. For this reason, the Royal Decree Law 6/2019, of 1 March, of urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in employment, incorporates different measures, among which it is highlighted the equal birth leaves with the aim of promoting equal treatment and opportunities in the job market.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Mujeres, inmigrantes y prostitutas: hacia la integración y el empoderamiento
Author: Clara Guzmán Vilaboy
Studies: Social and Cultural Anthropology
Abstract: In a context in which gender, immigration and prostitution are united to create a scheme of social exclusion, a way of social integration and empowerment is studied. Based on eight months of participant observation with immigrant women involved with prostitution and in exclusion, we will approach their reality as well as the social help and training they can access. The observed issues will be analysed along with other studies about feminine immigration and prostitution, particularly in El Raval (Barcelona). 
Learned Helplessness: Influence of Patriarchal Violence in Edna O’Brien’s The Country Girls Trilogy
Author: Cristina Montes Venegas
Studies: English Studies
Abstract: The Country Girls Trilogy (1986) narrates Caithleen's tragic life story and its consequences. I argue that the violence caused in Caithleen's childhood conditions her adulthood. Parting from Caithleen's parental abuse and her mother's death, I explore their influence in Caithleen alongside the policies, economy and religiosity of Ireland. I defend that Caithleen's emotional development gets interrupted due to the abuse and shapes her attachment and romantic escapism. I also examine how her mother's death consolidates her attachment and romantic delusion.
Lustful Women: Sex in Ancient Rome
Author: Belén Martínez Martos
Studies: English and Classical Studies
Abstract: This final project analyzes the differences between the sexes within the sexual sphere. It focuses on women's passive role and studies the ways in which they defied it. It talks about the most notorious women who challenged the norm and studies the ways in which they were represented by their male peers. It discusses Roman prostitutes, since there is much information about their role in sexual activities. It focuses specially on Pompeii's prostitutes, because many sexual graffiti have been found within the city. It argues that they could have been written by female prostitutes as a way of asserting themselves.
El dolor y el sexo más abyectos: Tratamiento de la violencia en Nefando (2016) de Mónica Ojeda
Author: Marta Mendoza Navarro
Studies: English and Spanish Studies
Abstract: This essay intends to analyse the treatment of violence in the novel Nefando (2016) by Mónica Ojeda. The story is about the publication of a videogame by the Terán brothers. In this videogame, there are some tapes of the rapes they suffered when they were younger, committed their father. It is narrated from the point of view of six characters: the Terán brothers (Irene, Emilio and Cecilia) and their flatmates (Kiki, Iván and El Cuco). All of them experience certain traumas, many of them associated with childhood, which have an influence on them and are related to sex (source of pleasure and pain).
El mestre de casa: la representació d'una nova masculinitat
Author: Emma Sánchez Santos
Studies: Catalan and Spanish Studies
Abstract: The new masculinities are the necessary answer to a political-economic context in crisis as a guarantee of a sociocultural alternative. When questioning the established gender binary, opposed until now, the minoritary or publicly minorized groups add to the demand. This essay is specifically focused on one of the new masculinities: the househusband, in different ways of representation: literary, audiovisual and journalistic.
El sexo del cerebro en disputa: críticas al neurosexismo bajo una perspectiva neurofeminista
Author: Desirée Serrano Buiza
Studies: Philosophy
Abstract: This dissertation is meant to set out one of the central discussions on current neuroscience: if brain has sex. Based on the solid argument that a great part of data and scientific studies given about sexual dimorphism of the brain are biased at the same time that they are strongly rooted to the common imaginary, I will show how this “bad science”, named neurosexism, supports and nourishes the status quo of one of the main social inequalities: the patriarchy.
La investigación con perspectiva de género y turismo en España. Análisis bibliométrico de la revista Cuadernos de Turismo y Annals of Tourism Research
Author: Daniel Gallego Martínez
Studies: Geography and Spatial Planning
Abstract: This article reviews the literature in "Cuadernos de Turismo" magazine on the gender perspective in tourism in Spain and compares it with the literature published in Annals of Tourism Research magazine which is international. Based on this review, the hypothesis is that studies on tourism and gender in Spain are in an initial phase of academic production.
La construcción de la imagen femenina en la literatura de la Cruzada
Author: Angela Corredoira López
Studies: History
Abstract: The historiographic tradition about the Civil War tended to relegate the role of women to political passivity. This essay intends to show women as active subjects. It has so much importance that the Nuevo Estado established as one of its priorities the activation of a great mechanism with the aim of redefining femininity and relegate it to the domestic area again.
Análisis de la pornografía: la mujer como objeto de estudio
Author: Jara Burillo Gil
Studies: Art History
Abstract: In the first theory part we address concepts like gender, male sexual desire and hegemonic masculinity to study the tensions and changes that pornography produces nowadays. In the practical part, we use the cinematographic language as support, we will apply the knowledge to specific cases through the analysis of several clips of the pornographic website Pornhub, with the aim of studying which are the implied consequences for women.
Las imágenes de mujer en la poesía de Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda
Author: Judith Arias Negredo
Studies: Spanish Language and Literature
Abstract: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda broke, categorically, the feminine moulds of her period, and this is represented in her literary work. Specifically, in her poetry, she traces a series of images of women who put into service a clear claim of gender, she assures herself through them and also puts herself at the same level of men.
Imagen y concepción de los personajes femeninos presentes en las obras: "Histoire du Chevalier Des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut" de L'Abbé Prevost y "Les liaisons dangereuses" de Choderlos de Laclos
Author: Julia Revuelta Recalde
Studies: French and Spanish Studies
Abstract: The 18th century, century of the literary and cultural splendour, is one of the richest culturally of the French history. Indeed, the two studied works belong to this context, and show two representative women of the century. Even though the main characters are two women, the authors are men, which allows us to see the point of view of a society that has clearly been marked by gender differences.
Zelda Sayre, la flapper olvidada
Author: Esther Corral Gómez
Studies: Humanities
Abstract: Zelda Sayre was a writer, painter and dancer who lived in the twenties. This artist was caricatured and denigrated by her husband, Scott Fitzgerald and other authors and biographers in their literary and biographical works, so it has ended up assimilating Zelda to some stereotypes, ignoring her artistic achievements.
Faculty of Medicine
Adolescents transgènere: del desconeixement de les cures a la seva millora des d'una perspectiva familiar
Author: Anna Sánchez Quiles
Studies: Nursing
Abstract: Transgender adolescents and their families face many specific health problems. In addition, the reaction of the parents to the transformation process influences the mental health of both. There is a lack of knowledge from the health professionals of how to act with these problems and an increase in the demand for their health care.
Faculty of Psychology
Una anàlisi narrativa de les desigualtats de gènere en la postguerra
Author: Sira Planas Rodríguez
Studies: Psychology
Abstract: The present work aims to know and analyse the gender inequality during the Spanish post-war period through the study of personal experiences from women, focusing on the way they lived, their concerns, their conception about love, their empowerment and finally, the way they regard violence against women. The method employed in order to reach this goal has been the narrative technique, a qualitative analysis which allows the analysis of the personal experiences from the women interviewed.
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Traducción comentada de "Elle et mon genre" de Alberto García Sánchez
Author: Maria Garcia Granell
Studies: Translation and Interpreting
Abstract: This essay is focused on the annotated translation from French into Spanish of "Elle et mon genre", by Alberto García Sánchez. "Elle et mon genre" is a play that is included in the genre of storytelling. The author explains through a series of short stories his point of view on the situation of women in the western society.

The prizes to the best TFGs with gender perspective by area of knowledge with a monetary award have been given to:
Sciences, Biosciences and Technological Sciences (this area has been declared void)

Health Sciences
Vivències de les dones víctimes de violència masclista sobre l’atenció sanitària rebuda
Author: Ariadna Tigri Santiña
Degree: Nursing
Summary: This project has the goal of proposing a qualitative study describing the experiences of women who have been victims of male chauvinist violence regarding the healthcare attention received at Barcelona's Primary Care Centres, adopting a more human vision of the treatments and with more gender perspective.

Social Sciences and Law
El delito de stalking desde una perspectiva de género. Análisis de la respuesta judicial-penal
Author: Nabila Elisabeth Zbairi Pardillo
Degree: Law
Summary: This project investigates which are the features encased by the phenomenon of stalking from a conceptual point of view, and offers a brief perspective on the typification of these illegitimate behaviours in our juridical regulations, in comparison to what is happening internationally and in Europe. The goal is to offer an exhaustive analysis of the Spanish courts' jurisprudence and get to know their characteristics quantitatively and qualitatively.
Arts and Humanities
El cuerpo como catalizador. Sobre prácticas performativas e identidades durante el tardofranquismo y la Transición española
Author: Núria Martín
Degree: Art History
Summary: Starting from the body as an experience, this project deals with the innumerable problems implied by the recognition of body identity throughout the tumultuous decade of the 70s in Spain, immersed in the final moments of the Francoist dictatorship.

In addition, the following final projects have also received a prize:
Faculty of Communication Studies
On són les dones negres? Feminisme africà i la representació de les dones africanes a la premsa catalana
Author: Beatrice Duodu
Degree: Journalism
Summary: A depiction of the historical role of African feminism and the important work it currently carries out allows to compare it with the representation of African women in the Catalan press. This way, we can see if the relation is appropriate or is distorted by factors related to history, stereotypes or the newspapers' own structure.
Ver, oír y opinar. Valoración de la publicidad sexista por parte de los adolescentes
Author: Natalia Ceballos Muñoz
Degree: Advertising and Public Relations
Summary: In a scenario where women still are a community affected by gender inequality in the advertising field and where advertising has a direct influence as a socialisation agent, it becomes interesting to study up to which point teenagers, as an audience sensible to media, perceive advertising sexism and how this affects their way of accepting or rejecting this kind of behaviours.
Aplicación de la tecnología móvil como soporte en casos de violencia de género. GEA: la app orientativa para víctimas en un ciclo de maltrato
Author: Alba Serra Nicolás
Degree: Audiovisual Communication
Summary: Gender violence is very difficult to identify, even for the victim. GEA is a mobile application addressed to gender violence victims who are inside the mistreatment cycle. The goal of the app is to educate the victims during the process to help them to gradually understand what is happening and give them strength to face mistreatment. 
Faculty of Education
Dret a l’educació menstrual de qualitat. Abordant l’educació menstrual des de l’educació social
Author: Agnès Font Ribas
Degree: Social Education
Summary: The menstrual taboo results in an inequality situation for the people who menstruate, given that different agents have power when considering women's bodies and menstruation, turning them into alienated bodies, passive and consumption objects. This research includes improvement proposals in the institutional and academic/professional fields to contribute towards a quality menstrual education.
Les noies on eSTEM?
Author: Laura Serra Justes
Degree: Primary Education
Summary: This project has the goal of understanding the problem of why girls have so few aspirations to study or have a professional career in sciences, maths, engineering and technology.
El lideratge exercit per les investigadores que dirigeixen grups SGR de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Estudi de casos múltiples
Author: Txell Zolle-Valero Setó
Degree: Education Studies
Summary: This is a multiple case study. Interviews and document analysis (CVs) of 5 female postdoctoral researchers at the UAB to get to know their professional career, their perception regarding gender discrimination and family and work balance. It is the beginning of a research with future perspectives.
Faculty of Law
Sexual agression in leisure contexts. Which factors might support sexual aggression?
Author: Laura Zurera Benito
Degree: Criminology
Summary: Sexual assaults have been a rather recurring subject in investigations over the last years. This project tries to give visibility to the fact that sexual assaults in leisure contexts are not alien to our territory. The goal of this project is to see which factors may end up contributing to these behaviours, which may lead to a sexual assault.
Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Estimació d’una funció salarial explorant-hi la discriminació per qüestions de gènere
Author: David Casals Aixalà
Degree: Economics
Summary: Work is the main activity in our days, the reason which makes us get up day after day and allows us to survive. However, our effort is rewarded at the end of the month thanks to a salary, but... is it always appropriate according to the work done, or do other factors intervene in the final obtained retribution? In this project, we will estimate a salary function of a specific population sample while checking if there is any kind of gender-based discrimination.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Closure as Revelation: Reflecting upon Lady Audley's Guilt in Mary E. Braddon's Lady Audley's Secret
Author: Laura Bellosta Baeza
Degree: English and French Studies
Summary: Mary Braddon's "Lady Audley's Secret" (1862) was an immediate success and a source of controversy in Victorian society, because it defied gender roles and social standards via a female character who is morally ambiguous and groundbreaking. This project proves that the unexpected and apparently happy ending serves to question the main character's guilt, who is forced to carry out extreme actions in order to survive in the society of the era.
LIMBO: Un apropament al món trans a través de la música i les arts escèniques
Author: Naiara Burgos Martín
Degree: Musicology
Summary: This project aims to carry out a musicological approach to the trans issue through the music presented in "Limbo" by Les Impuxibles. This way, it is possible to observe how music, dance and drama are used to create a speech on gender subjects that will accompany the communities.
Els marges de la feminitat. Reflexions des de l'Esdevenir Perra d'Itziar Ziga
Author: Berta Cervantes Nogales
Degree: Humanities
Summary: From the case study of Associació Santa Maria Magdalena, which works with women who worked as prostitutes and express their wish to stop, it is possible to identify a series of experiences and practices which help understand the relation between patriarchy and Christianism, a romantic relantionship with dependencies that can be observed at first glance.
Olympe de Gouges: el naixement del feminisme polític
Author: Yamina Chouari Morandeira
Degree: History
Summary: The project studies the origin of political feminism through the character of Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793). The first feminism, in the same way as the political one, was born from the postulates of Enlightenment thought and its paradoxes. To understand how the patriarchal system was rebuilt according to natural grounds from Enlightenment thought is to understand the origins of feminism and patriarchy.
«Com defensar-se del misteri sublim que se’ls enduia» La construcció del desig en els contes de Rosa Leveroni
Author: Alba Compte Rosich
Degree: Catalan Language and Literature
Summary: The project studies the stories which make up Rosa Leveroni's "Contes". The work draws the condition of the woman and her relationship with desire. Stories by women, alone or accompanied, which carry a reflection on own limits, on the inevitable loss of innocence, on sadness, on risks and on the living models available to them.
¿Tiene jaula la libertad? La belle saison: estudios de género y sexualidad
Author: Iris Cort Compañó
Degree: Catalan and Spanish Studies
Summary: Are we as free as we think? Has society advanced enough to get rid of social stereotypes? This project analyses the film "La belle saison" to make us aware of to what extent established social models influence our own identity.
Revisiones de la maternidad en la literatura hispanófona actual: Meruane, Miguel, Reyes
Author: Lorena Fernández Espinosa
Degree: English and Spanish Studies
Summary: Analysis of the different revisions of maternity taking three works as a reference: Lina Maruane's "Contra los hijos", Luna Miguel's "El arrecife de las sirenas" and Míriam Reyes's "Espejo negro". Silence as an oppression weapon, the female body in society and the social pression to which women are subject are discussed.
Epigrames homoeròtics en el Llibre XII de l'Antologia Palatina
Author: Ivan Monmany Mendaña
Degree: Classical Studies
Summary: This project focuses on the study of Book 12 of the "Palatine Anthology". A compilation of epigrams from various eras and authors. The main theme of Book 12 revolves around the conception of love between men, specifically, between an adult man (ἐραστής) and a young man (ἐρώμενος). This way, the research is based on the importance of the ἐραστής-ἐρώμενος duality, an institutionalised relationship in Ancient Greece with a strong civic component.
Mujeres que luchan en la arena
Author: Lucía Ponce Cerezo
Degree: Archaeology
Summary: When we think about the ancient shows in Rome we came up with fighting gladiators, strong men who fought to entertaint the public. However, were there only men among the people battling at the amphitheatres' arenas? There is little talk on the participation of female gladiators. From classical authors we can get an idea about these women but it is not enough information to establish that they really existed. By analysing a series of found remains, such as inscriptions, reliefs or dowries found in many tombs, it is possible to confirm the existence of these women.
Sociabilidad y performatividad de la homosexualidad masculina. Una mirada a las pautas de sociabilidad de los hombres homosexuales del Casal Lambda de Barcelona
Author: Arnau Poy Renau
Degree: Social and Cultural Anthropology
Summary: This project, created between 2015 and 2017, has the goal of presenting the results of an investigation which, from an ethnographic observation and the analysis of narratives and experiences, studies the reasons to be and the meaning of the sociability patterns of the gay men who attend Casal Lambda in Barcelona.
El Parc de Cerdanyola de Mataró. Un estudi qualitatiu i de gènere
Author: Adrià Valls Triadó
Degree: Geography and Spatial Planning
Summary: This project shows the importance of feminist urbanism to include people's experience diversity and consider that these experiences and needs are essential for any urban process or project.
Faculty of Medicine
Sex-related differences in the clinical diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia
Author: Vicent Llorca Bofí
Degree: Medicine
Summary: The goal of this project is to research sex-related difference in the clinical diagnostic of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) at Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona.
Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology
Gender identities and affective-sexual diversities: a look in Northern Ireland, Belfast
Author: Marta Cascales Tortajada
Degree: Sociology
Summary: This project takes as a starting point the Conflict in Ireland (specifically in Belfast, Northern Ireland), in which there was a political and national identity fight, which became strongly regulated by gender. This way, an extremely traditional "being a man" and "being a woman" normativity was established. The study has the goal of discovering what is currently happening with all those gender identities and sexual-affective diversities which are not part of the standard framework of cisheteropatriarchy.
Faculty of Psychology
L’abordatge de la Violència de Gènere en revistes científiques: Estudi de cas de la producció científica a Brasil i Espanya
Author: Clara Hidalgo Castro
Degree: Psychology
Summary: The goal of this project is to explore the differences between Brazil's and Spain's scientific production regarding gender violence.
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
The situation of transgender people in Japan
Author: Julia Martinez Nieto
Degree: East Asian Studies
Summary: This project describes the situation of transgender people in Japan through the analysis of the current legislation and government guidelines and how they affect transgender people, both negatively and positively.
Intelectuales y feminismo en la República Popular de China: Traducción y comentarios a partir del artículo de Zhong Xueping: Reflexiones más allá del movimiento de liberación de las mujeres
Author: Lucas Román Romero
Degree: Translation and Interpreting
Summary: This project studies the translation of an academic article from Mandarin Chinese to Spanish. In this text, Zhong Xueping deals with the situation of Chinese intellectuals and their relationship with feminism since the May Fourth Movement in 1919, which caused their gender equality ideals to dilute in public debates since the economic reform started in 1978.

At the ceremony, the following TFGs were awarded a prize:
Faculty of Communication Studies
Title: Representación y tratamiento del deporte femenino en informativos de televisión
Author: Albert Roche Ortiz
Degree: Journalism
Summary: The present work analyses the presence and the informative treatment of female sport at the news programmes of the main Spanish TV channels.

Title: Princeses i bruixes: Les heroïnes de Miyazaki. Anàlisi de la representació femenina en la filmografia de Hayao Miyazaki
Author: Anna Junyent Barbany
Degree: Audiovisual Communication
Summary: This research studies female representation in the films of Hayao Miyazaki. It tries to know the reason behind the creation of character prototype totally divergent with what is established in Japanese animation.

Title: Redes sociales y marcas deportivas: ¿en fuera de género?
Author: Sandra López Salas
Degree: Advertising and Public Relations
Summary: The main objective of this work is to determine the existence or non-existence of gender stereotypes of sports brands in this channel based on the way the published contents are treated.

Faculty of Education
Title: (DES)FENT: El foment del canvi d'actituds i conductes masclistes o fruit del masclisme mitjançant el grup educatiu
Author: Carolina Pérez Rodríguez
Degree: Education Studies
Summary: The TFG is included in the subject of encouraging the change of male chauvinist or male chauvisism-based attitudes and behaviours via the educational group, focused in the hegemonic model of romantic love, because of the consequences this conception has in power relations between men and women and possible cases of gender violence.

Title: Joc simbòlic i rols de gènere
Author: Maria Juez Pachón
Degree: Childhood Education
Summary: The work collects the observations and later analyses of situations of symbolic game in a group of children between 4 and 5 years old. 

Faculty of Law
Title: Conducción infractora en población universitaria. ¿Una cuestión de género?
Author: Ana Páez Mérida
Degree: Criminology
Summary: The present work tries to provide criminological knowledge on the existing relation between driving offender behaviours and the difference between young boys and girls.

Title: Els efectes en l’àmbit civil del matrimoni i de la convivència estable en parella des d’una perspectiva de gènere
Author: Elena Albouy Bardina
Degree: Law
Summary: The work contains the study of seven effects deduced from the constitution of a marriage or the start of cohabitation as a stable couple.

Title: Mujeres y el mercado laboral español. Segunda generación de origen marroquí
Author: Chaimae Oulad Bouaarfa El Gribes
Degree: Industrial Relations
Summary: The work studies young people from the second or fist and a half –Moroccan origin– generations and their presence in the Spanish labour market.

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
Title: Women on corporate boards and firm performance: evidence from Spain
Author: Mireia Segura Sánchez
Degree: Bussiness Management and Administration
Summary: The goal of this study is to examine the impact of female members in meetings on the performance of companies, focusing in the Spanish companies.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Title: Subalternidades en colapso. El "ángel del hogar" en dos cuentos de Jacinto Octavio Picón
Author: Alba Rocío Sánchez Bonet
Degree: Spanish Language and Literature
Resum: This work theorises on the identity of the woman, differentiating between two ways of addressing gender, which coexist and even complement each other in a literary textual analysis, shown in the short stories "Doña Georgia" and "Desencanto" by Jacinto Octavio Picón.

Title: Desire in Times of Apartheid. A Trigger for rebellion. The case for The World Unseen
Author: Helena Ruta Serra
Degree: English Studies
Summary: The aim of this work is to argue for desire as a driver for rebellion in the novel "Desire in Times of Apartheid".
Title: Mujeres Libres: eina d'emancipació femenina. Reflexió historiogràfica i estat de la qüestió
Author: Bernat Aranyó Giné
Degree: History
Summary: Mujeres Libres was a feminine anarchist association, linked to the CNT during the 1936-1939 period. In the present work, I analyse the treatment by historiography and how much it has been silenced over time, even by the anarchist movement itself.

Title: Las construcciones de género en la música. Un acercamiento a Belladona y Matraka
Author: Itxasne Zabalza Chivite
Degree: Musicology
Summary: This work analyses the influences could have had the vindications by the feminist movement in Nafarroa, during the 80s and the 90s, in the area of music, in the new creations of feminist music bands and in the staging of women.
Title: Sentmenat 1936. Industrialització, estructura social, gènere i comportament electoral
Author: Teresa Vallbé Ansesa
Degree: Humanities
Summary: The objective is to study to which extent municipal social and demographical structure had an impact on the electoral behaviour in the year 1936.
Title: La intersexualidad: un reto hacia la filosofía
Author: Sara García Companys
Degree: Philosophy
Summary: This work studies how belonging to an intersex involves the localisation of an abnormality and, consequently, the displacement of the intersex person out of speech.
Title: El rol femení en les societats antigues: història comparativa entre la dona romana i la dona víking
Author: Clàudia Tenas Viñals
Degree: English and Classical Studies
Summary: This work compares the roles and participation of women in the Roman and Viking societies.
Faculty of Medicine
Title: Anticoncepción y perspectiva de género: encuesta a los estudiantes de Medicina
Author: Sara López García
Degree: Medicine
Summary: This work analyses from the historical, economical, environmental, gender and specially medical and biological perspective the dilemma of hormonal contraception, specifically in the Spanish context.
Title: L'afectació psicoemocional de la píndola anticonceptiva: una mirada amb perspectiva de gènere
Author: Maider Quilez Mendez
Degree: Nursing
Summary: This work presents the problems supposed by the contraceptive pill in a psychoemotional level.
Faculty of Psychology
Title: Los asesinatos de mujeres en España. Controversias en torno al recuento y la definición del feminicidio
Author: Sandra Viu Fandos
Degree: Psychology
Summary: There is controversy around the figures provided by several platforms on the amount of feminicides in Spain in 2014, so this work tries to clarify this concept and identify which are the reasons behind this controversy.
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Title: Traducció comentada de "Luna", de Julie Anne Peters, i comentari sobre la traducció de literatura de temàtica LGTBI
Author: Arantxa Fernàndez Cruz
Degree: Translation and Interpreting
Summary: This work is a commented translation of the first four chapters of the book "Luna" by Julie Anne Peters, which explains the story of a transgender girl who still has not come out of the closet. "Luna" is narrated from the point of view of her little sister, who despite not fully understanding her sister’s situations, tries to help her at any rate.
Title: Representació de rols de gènere en els llibres de text de japonès per a estrangers
Author: Judit Moyano Anglès
Degree: East Asian Studies
Summary: This work analyses with a gender and class perspective the textbooks to learn Japanese which have been used in the East Asian Studies degree with the goal to detect gender role representations in it.

At the ceremony, the following TFGs were awarded a prize:

Faculty of Communication Studies

Title: Periodisme esportiu a la televisió. Evolució i presència de les dones periodistes.
Author: Giménez, Nerea
Tutor: Maria José Recoder
Summary: Work on the presence, evolution and current situation of journalists who dedicate to the world of sport in television.

Title: Obsesión 90-60-90: Relación entre la publicidad y la percepción de la imagen corporal en los adolescentes.
Author: Serra, Clàudia
Tutor: Elena Añaños
Summary: Work on media impact and influence on teenagers’ own body perception, especially regarding the model of female beauty.

Title: Estereotipos de género en los informativos de televisión: ¿existen unos patrones fijos en los profesionales que los presentan?
Author: Teruel, Ana
Tutor: Elena Añaños
Summary: Work centred on the figure of the professionals presenting news programmes and the gender stereotypes carried by their image.

Faculty of Law
Title: Reconocimiento, en España, de la filiación derivada de gestación por sustitución.
Author: Acute, Cyrielle
Tutor: Rafael Arenas
Summary: Work on the difficult legal recognition of surrogacy, which could be permitted in Spain, specifically the cases of foreign filiation resolution.

Title: Violència en l'àmbit de la sexualitat i la reproducció contra les dones amb diversitat funcional. Un estudi de cas.
Author: Babot, Clara
Tutor: Paula Arce Becerra
Summary: Work that analyses the violence received by women with functional diversity in relation to their sexuality and reproduction via a case study.

Title: Segunda Repúplica: Relaciones Laborales y género
Author: Giménez, Estela
Tutor: Maria Jesús Espuny
Summary: Work on the legislation of the Second Republic regarding labour relations and gender equality, especially on motherhood.

Faculty of Education
Title: Les representacions socials de gènere de l'educador i l'educadora social. Un estudi de cas.
Author: Villagrasa, Marta
Tutor: Georgeta Ion
Summary: Work analysing the social representations of the gender of the educators in an esplai and their educational practice with a gender perspective.

Title: Les identitats trans en la comunitat educativa.
Author: Cabanes, Sara
Tutor: Mar Morón Velasco
Summary: Research work on child transsexuality and its treatment in education centres. The author proposes an education action protocol towards sexual, affective and gender identity diversity.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Title: El estudio del parentesco a partir de análisis isotópicos y genéticos: El Caso LBK
Author: Viñas, Laura C.
Tutor: Cristina Rihuete

Title: Dona i guerra a l'antiga Grècia. De les troianes d'Eurípides a les amazones d'Heròdot
Author: Cívico, Anna Mª
Tutor: Jordi Cortadella Morral
Summary: Analysis of the society in ancient Greece regarding the concepts of gender and war based on the works of Euripides and Herodotus.

Title: Vaginas y bio-política. El tabú menstrual y otros negocios del estado.
Author: Pinzón, Diana
Tutor: Joan Carles Cirera
Summary: Analysis of the relationship between negation and control of female pleasure and women’s bodies and the economic model of neoliberalism.

Title: Qui (s')ocupa? Repensant el gènere en la lluita pel dret a l'habitatge a Barcelona.
Author: Gomà, Aina
Tutor: Mª Antònia Casellas Puigdemasa
Summary: Analysis of the Obra Social de la PAH’s block in Bordeta taking into account the main role of women in the fight for the right to housing.

Title: Metadones. Teatre de sensibilitat femenina?
Author: Boadella, Irene
Tutor: Francesc Foguet Boureu
Summary: Analysis of the creation, career and impact of female theatre company “Metadones” and their two plays.

Title: Mulieres plussciae et nocturnae. Las magas en la novela latina.
Author: Benavides, Judit
Tutor: Cándida Ferrero Hernández
Summary: Analysis of the figure of magician women in two Latin novels: Petronius’s “Satyricon” and Apuleius’s “The Golden Ass”.

Title: Heroïnes i guerreres. La iconografia de la dona a través dels manuscrits francesos de Christine de Pizan "La cité des dames" i el "De mulieribus claris" de Boccaccio.
Author: Giol, Laura
Tutor: Rafael Cornudella
Summary: Analysis of the representation of women in artistic productions in the Middle Ages through the iconographic study of the miniatures in the manuscripts "Cité des dames", "L’epitre Othea" and "De mulieribus claris".

Title: Dos estrategias feministas: María Lejárraga y Virginia Woolf.
Author: Llopis, Ester
Tutor: Anna Gil Bardají
Summary: Work on the different ways of addressing María Lejárraga and Virginia Woolf’s feminism as a reference of the movement in the early 20th century.

Title: El discurso lingüístico de la mujer en la publicidad televisiva española.
Author: Martínez, Anna
Tutor: Carme de-la-Mota
Summary: Analysis of the language and language resources used by women in television advertising in Spain since the 80s and how language contributes to perpetuate gender stereotypes.

Title: Adolescent Girls and the Alternative Self: Exploring Liminality and the Father in Carson McCullers
Author: Pascual, Catalina
Tutor: Andrew Monnickendam
Summary: Analysis of two novels by Carson McCuller and the relation between the lone aging of their protagonists and the difficult relationship with the father.

Title: Speaking the unspeakable: Subversive Eroticism in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" and Edith Wharton's "Summer".
Author: Martínez, Alejandra
Tutor: Laura Gimeno Pahissa
Summary: Work centred on the analysis of the use of erotism as a subversive means in two novels where heroines are erotisized in a way so they transgress social norms and empower themselves through sexual agency.

Title: De Lolita a femme fatale: cuerpo y deseo
Author: Tomás, Laura
Tutor: Begonya Sáez Tajafuerce
Summary: Work centred on the archetypes of female fatality in art and literature, especially nympthet and femme fatale, and analysis of these archetypes in Nabokov’s Lolita.

Title: Anàlisi de les diferències de gènere en els comportaments d'homes i dones joves en converses mixtes.
Author: Turull, Felip
Tutor: Joan Argenter Giralt
Summary: Work analysing three informal conversations between young men and women to identify stereotypical behaviours according to gender.

Faculty of Translation and Interpreting

Title: Anàlisi de roles de género, emoción y expresividad a través del manga.
Author: Garcia, Daniel
Tutor: Amelia Sáiz López
Summary: Analysis of gender issues in Japanese society through the cultural expression of manga, especially emotions and values associated with gender.

Title: Lesbianes, feministes i queers a Palestina i el Líban. Traducció d'un recull de textos feministes (àrab-català)
Author: Lirón, Anna
Tutor: Anna Gil Bardají
Summary: Translation of five articles from Arabic to Catalan which appeared between 2007 and 2015 in Palestine and Lebanon and which address the issues of queer, feminism and lesbianism.