Arts & Musicology

About the collection

The collections related to Arts and Musicology that are available in the UAB are mostly in the Humanities Library, housed in two buildings:

Periodical publications are found in the Journals Room, Building B (in front of the Auditorium).

The books on Art subjects (Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, Museology, Iconography, Collecting ... etc .) are on the second floor of the Humanities Library (Building L), as well as the History of Art, which according to the classification used, occupy number 7. The books on Musicoloy are on the third floor of the library, grouped under number 78

You can access the online digital collections through the search engine, either electronic books, electronic journals, databases ...

We highly recommend the Digital Library of Hispanic Art History and Manuel Romero-Fiol's music collection.

It is important to highlight the journal Locus Amoenus.

We recommend a series of general guides to help you find the materials in the library:

Humanities Library Guide

Loan guide

There are many other help guides offered by the UAB Libraries Service.