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Social Sciences and Law

PhD Type Number of students New RD 99/2011
Applied Economics UAB PhD 10
Audiovisual Communication and Advertising UAB PhD 8
Communication and Journalism UAB PhD 10
Demography UAB PhD 10
Economic Analysis UAB PhD 10
Economics, Management and Organization (Business Economics) Interuniversity 10
Education UAB PhD 40
Educational Psychology Interuniversity 6
Entrepreneurship and Management UAB PhD 12
Gender Study: Cultures, Societies and Policies Interuniversity 10 (2 UAB, 8 other universities)
Geography UAB PhD 10
Human Security and Global Law UAB PhD 10
Law UAB PhD 25
Media, Communication and Culture UAB PhD 10
Person and Society in the Contemporary World UAB PhD 16
Politics, Policies and International Relations UAB PhD 15
Psychology of Communication and Change Interuniversity 7
Social and Cultural Anthropology UAB PhD 12
Sociology UAB PhD 15
Sports Science UAB PhD 10
Strategic Communication, Advertising and Public Relations UAB PhD 10
Tourism UAB PhD 10