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Defense date and thesis self-registration

The theses defences are face-to-face. If, exceptionally, you would like to request another modality, you must consult the information on this page and, once the examination panel has been approved, the PhD programme should send us the date for your thesis defence in this form. Remember that the file must arrive at the Doctoral School at least 10 working days in advance, at the email

Once the Doctoral School has received the form with the date of defence of your thesis, you will receive a message that will inform you how you should do the registration.

Chek the schedule for this procedure.

Remember that you have a maximum of three months between the deposit and the defence of your thesis (in this period the month of August is not counted, nor the Christmas and Easter holidays).

Consulta the Self-registration for the thesis deposit section on this same page.


The self-register of the thesis involves a fee that you must pay once your thesis has been deposited and approved by the Permanent Board to make the deposit. It is a different fee than the one you must pay annually for self-registration of the follow-up.

To self-register the thesis deposit, you must connect to the link that we will send you by email when we receive the form with the date of your defence. Confirm with the coordination of the PhD programme that your email address that is stated in the defense file is correct. In the event that the message does not reach you and you cannot do the self-enrollment, you will not be able to defend the thesis on the scheduled date. Remember that you must do this self-registration within the period indicated by the message. The amount is € 156.87. If you have some degree of disability or a large family card, this amount will vary.

In the event that you do not self-enroll or that you do not pay this fee, the Doctoral School will not be able to issue the documentation and you will not be able to defend on the scheduled date.

In the following video tutorial (in Spanish with English subtitles) you will see how to do this very quickly:

Video tutorial "Self-modification of PhD enrolment"

If you have any incident with the payment, you should contact