Translated Catalan literature from the Institut Ramon Llull

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Description of the collection:
The collection of translated Catalan literature comes from a donation made by the Institut Ramon Llull through the Jordi Arbonès Chair in 2013 and consists of about seven hundred volumes written by Catalan authors which have been translated into foreign languages. Therefore, this is one of the most complete collections in the world dedicated to this matter with a wide range of authors of all time, from the medieval chronicles to the most prominent writers of the present day. There is also a great variety of languages into which these volumes have been translated, from the nearest languages (Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese) to the most distant ones (Japanese, Turkish or Vietnamese); from the most widespread languages (German, English, Russian or Chinese) to less widespread languages (Basque, Danish, Slovenian or Occitan). Even though the majority of the volumes are novels and, to a lesser extent, poetry, there are also other genres such as drama, essay, epistolary works or children's literature.

Limit dates: 1940-

Date of incorporation: 2015

Depository library: Humanities Library

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