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Description of the collection:
Josep-Joan Piquer i Jover (1911-1985) was a renowned pedagogue and historian. He started as an educator at the Escola-Granja de Plegamans within the Board of the Abandoned Childhood, under the supervision of the eminent pedagogue Josep Pedragosa. He continued his work at the Psychotechnical Institute of the Generalitat de Catalunya and later at the Superior Council for the Protection of Minors, created in 1942. In 1945 he was awarded the Pelfort i Xinxó Foundation of the Societat Econòmica Barcelonesa d’Amics del País, for his masterpiece El Niño abandonado y delincuente, published in 1946.

He directed his activity in the investigation of children's rights, the protection of minors, the adoption and assistance of minors, juvenile delinquency, family and social problems of families. The collection is of great interest for the scope of the university community, especially for researchers.

Part of the collection belonged to the old General Library of the UAB and another part arrived as a gift through his daughter Rosa Maria Piquer i Pomés and the Arxiu Comarcal d’Osona.

Type of document and number of documents:
The collection of the Social Sciences Library is made up of more than 1000 titles of monographs and brochures (publications published with less than 50 pages).

Deadlines for the collection: 1860-1996

Date of incorporation of the collection: 2002

Depositary Library: Social Sciences Library

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