History of computer science collection

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Science and Technology Library

Section of the Library of Science and Technology specialized in the historical study of computer science. This collection contains more than 1300 monographs and 89 magazines. The purpose of this incipient collection is to promote a fund for the investigation of the history of computer science. The work group, integrated by the Library, the Computing Service, the Department of Computer Science and the Institut of Studies of History of Sciences has been responsible for defining the content, specified in four thematic areas:

  1. Precedents of computer science: decades of 1950 and 1970.
  2. Incorporation of IT into the company.
  3. Introduction and dissemination of micro-information: decades after 1980.
  4. Computer culture.

Limit dates: S. XX
Date of incorporation: 2004
Depositary library: Science and Technology Library
Where to consult the documentation: Science and Technology Library
Contact: Bib.Ciencia.Tecnologia@uab.cat