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José Agustín Goytisolo i Gay (Barcelona 1928-1999) studied law in Barcelona and Madrid, where he met important writers and intellectuals committed to the fight against the dictatorship of Franco. Together with some of these poets (Jaime Gil de Biedma, Ángel González or José Ángel Valente), he was part of the so-called Generation of ‘50, which called for political commitment and a renewed attention to language and poetry. He stood out as a translator of Catalan poets to Spanish.

Description of the collection: The collection is made up of his personal and professional documentation. It consists basically of manuscripts of his work, correspondence, professional and family documentation, etc. The collection contains 8983 documents, 4141 of which  are letters. It also includes a selection of his personal library consisting of 893 books, many of them dedicated.

Limit dates: 1926-2009

Date of incorporation: 2002

Depository library: Humanities Library

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