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The Mint of Barcelona (1441-1868), better known as La Seca (name from the Arabic word sekka, place where the currency is manufactured), is located at number 40 of Carrer Flassaders in Barcelona. It was established in 1441 during the reign of King Alfonso V, who granted it the right to manufacture its own currency, which was a sign of the economic and political independence that the city had at that time. Between 1642-1648, during the War of the Reapers, the factory expanded to occupy an entire island between the streets of Flassaders and Mosques and Cirera.

With the reign of Philip V and the promulgation of the Decrees of the New Plant, and with the introduction of the absolutist regime of the Spanish monarchy, the production of own currency in Catalonia, Aragon and Mallorca (1717) was prohibited.

Even so, the Mint of Barcelona continued active until the arrival of the I Republic, when definitively closed its doors (1868).

Background description:
• 51 digitized documents (Books of accounts of the Mint of Barcelona) that correspond to accounting books of the Seca volant de Catalunya, with titles differentiated from the covers:
a) Address
b) Treasury
c) Reception
d) Book to write down ...
e) Book in which the certifications will be copied ...
f) Unit of the Royal Mint of Catalonia
g) Receiver of Catalonia
h) Balances or demonstration statements of the accounts of the Mint of Catalonia
i) Platero mayor: his position and date
j) Position and date of the copper currency
k) Position and date of the casts and testers

• 53 boxes with non-digitized documents related to the Casa de la Moneda de Barcelona (1809-1860 approx.). The great part of documents are:
a) 30 boxes (1809-1823 approx) receipts of metal input (silver, gold, copper ...)
b) 9 boxes (in one says 1848) of unclassified documents
c) 14 boxes (1809-1860 approx.) of documents only with a date and in process of revision.

Deadlines for the fund: 1808-1860

Date of incorporation of the fund: 1979

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• Paper Funds: Carandell Economic Library (Social Sciences Library)
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• Digitized fund: DDD

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