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Sebastià Sánchez-Juan (Barcelona, 1904 – 1974) was a poet and copyeditor. He worked as a copyeditor for newspapers such as La Nau or El Matí. In his beginnings as a poet, he followed the futurist movement that arrived at Catalonia. In 1922, he published the Second Futurist Manifesto, for which he used the pseudonym David Cristià, and two years later, Fluid, his first book appeared, making his commitment to avant-gardism very clear. Other titles from this period include: Constel·lacions (1927), Elegies (1928), Divagacions (1929) or Poemes de promès (1933).

During the 40s, Sánchez-Juan published poetry in Spanish: Sonetos (1949) or Blanco y rosicler (1946). In the 50s he published again in Catalan. Principat del temps (1961) and Escaiences (1974), stand out among others from this second period.

In 1936 in the Barcelona Floral Games, he won the Violet d’aur, golden violet, for the poem Cinc avemaries and in 1951 he won the Ciutat de Barcelona Prize for the poem Claror.

The collection, donated by the Sánchez Bosch family to the Humanities Library, has been cataloged thanks to the collaboration between the Library and the Department of Catalan.

Description of the collection: The collection consists of correspondence, creation work, personal and family documentation, professional documentation, press and a selection of his personal library. It contains a total of 1212 documents, 472 of which are letters.

Limit dates: 1904-2004

Date of incorporation: 2013

Depository library: Humanities Library

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