The Humanities Library Joins Espais Escrits as a Member

Photocomposition featuring the Espais Escrits logo alongside a black-and-white photograph of Pere Ca

The UAB Humanities Library's Participation: Featuring the Personal Collection of the Catalan Writer, Pere Calders


On Monday, February 26th, the Humanities Library of the UAB was invited to the XXIII General Assembly of Members of Espais Escrits, held at the headquarters of the Institution of Catalan Letters. The purpose was to present the personal collection of the Catalan writer, journalist, and illustrator Pere Calders to the members of the organisation. During this event, the entry of the Humanities Library as a member was formalised, along with the National Archive of Catalonia.

Espais Escrits. Network of Catalan Literary Heritage is a non-profit private entity founded in 2005. Its mission is to coordinate efforts for the preservation, research, and dissemination of the rich legacy -both tangible and intangible- of Catalan literary figures. This organisation collaborates closely with institutions dedicated to safeguarding literary heritage and promoting its reading and study.

To join the Espais Escrits association, certain criteria must be met: the represented writer must be deceased, of Catalan nationality, and have published works in Catalan. Furthermore, it is essential for them to have an institution devoted to preserving their legacy, and their literary output should be of a creative rather than academic nature. Pere Calders fulfills all these prerequisites.

From the Humanities Library, we trust that this association will be a powerful ally in further enhancing the dissemination of Pere Calders' legacy, contributing to enriching the knowledge and appreciation of his work within society.

You can access the complete collection of documentation on the website: