Summer reading at the Social Sciences Library

Exposició Lectures d'estiu

Recommended summer readings at the Social Sciences Library


On April 23, on the occasion of the celebration of Sant Jordi, the Vice Dean of Communication of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology made an appeal to students, PDI and PAS to receive suggestions for recommended reading.

The very varied and interesting recommendations were collected and published in the Bulletin of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology number 201, together with the reading recommendations of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students (current and graduates) in the section " The voice of...".

This summer the Library of Social Sciences, taking up the proposal of the Vice Deanship, has thought of offering a proposal derived from the recommendations of Sant Jordi, exposing the titles available in the Library collection that have been suggested by students, PDI and PAS of the Faculty: "a tasting of this heterogeneous literary consumption."

Thus, in the exhibitor at the entrance of the Library you will find these recommendations and the figures of some fictional characters who have also finally found their "perfect reading"... because everyone has the right to enjoy a reading vacation!

Visit the exhibitor, take a look at the recommendations of your colleagues and take on loan the book that you like the most.

If for Sant Jordi you did not find the moment, now you have the opportunity!

This information is related to the following SDG

  • Quality education