Exhibition on Arcadi Oliveres at the Social Sciences Library

Exposició sobre Arcadi Oliveres

The Social Sciences Library wanted to pay tribute in the form of a virtual and face-to-face exhibition to Professor Arcadi Oliveres, from the Department of Applied Economics at the UAB, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, who died this April 2021.


The virtual and face-to-face exhibitions revolve around Arcadi Oliveres in all its fullness and, therefore, highlight four aspects with which Arcadi shaped his public and professional life: as an economist, activist, pacifist, and disseminator.

Arcadi Oliveres had an ethical vision of what an economy should be at the service of everyone and, perhaps because of this, the focus of his intellectual production was closely related to his socio-political activity: the military industry, the role of the great corporations, globalization ...

From the point of view of social activism, the public presence of Arcadi Oliveres began with the Democratic Union of Students of Barcelona, and continued with movements driven by progressive Christianity, the anti-Franco struggle (the Assembly of Catalonia, the Capuchin Movement, and the Freedom Marches), pacifism, international solidarity (campaign for 0.7%), anti-globalization and left-wing independence (as a driver of the Constituent Process).

Oliveres was a staunch anti-militarist and pacifist, and good proof of this was his working relationship with the Victor Seix Institute of Polemology and the Christian Pax Christi movement, and he also actively supported the disobedience movement, the campaign against Spain’s entry into NATO, the conscientious objection and the demonstrations against the Gulf and Iraq wars.

In the TV program El Convidat broadcasted in 2013, Arcadi Oliveres said that he estimated that he gave more than five hundred lectures a year, a figure that shows the extent to which Arcadi's outreach activity was inexhaustible. You can find many of these talks and conferences on the Internet. Perhaps this is why the signs of affection and recognition on the website that his family opened a few months before his death number in the thousands.

You can visit the exhibition in person in the showcase on the 0th floor of the Social Sciences Library. 

Professor Albert Recio, from the Department of Applied Economics at the UAB, presents the virtual exhibition, and you can consult it on this website: https://mirades.uab.cat/exposicions/biblioteques/arcadi_oliveres/