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RETINDE and educational research in Spain

On April 27th, the RETINDE network, composed of 16 entities representing more than 6000 researchers from all over the State, published a position paper in which they present the current situation of educational research in Spain. The document highlights the ten issues affecting...

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Pathways to post-capitalist tourism

Investigators of the TUDISTAR group (UAB), the Wageningen University and Research (Netherlands) and the University of the Balearic Islands, all specialized in the study of tourism, have published an article where they analyse the...

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How long will plants keep rescuing us?

Anthropogenic fertilization of the Earth, with increasing concentrations of atmospheric CO2 and nitrogen in-puts, has enhanced plant photosynthesis and carbon sinks of terrestrial ecosystems. Several signals now suggest, however, that this carbon-sink activity is slowing its rate of...

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