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Translation and Advertising: Translating Persuasion

The translation of advertising has increased in importante in the past years in the professional and academic fields. The discipline of translation studies that scrutinizes the translator process from several perspectives -linquistic, historical, cultural and...

Traduint la persuasió

Tayloring light intensity profiles

Researchers from the Optics Group have been able to obtain light intensity profiles on demand, a very precise control of light behaviour. Their research allows the increase and decrease of the depth of focus and obtaining multiple foci, with interesting technological aplications.

Nanoscience for the improvement of biosensors

The advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology is making possible the creation of new materials based on carbon structures with unique properties and wich have many technological applications. Among these applications there is the improvement of biosensors, devices that perform...

Representació esquemàtica (no a escala) de les possibles interaccions de les molècules de NADH