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The ageing of the Catalan population involves an increase of the number of old age patients who are admitted to the Intermediate Care Units of the hospitals. In order to apply them the best treatment is very important to assess their prognosis of life, but until now studies on these units for an integral evaluation of the old patients hardly...

Estudi sobre els pacients ancians de les Unitats de Semicrítics

In last years, forest fires have devastated wide zones of Catalonia, with serious effects on the environment and economy of involved areas. Some data to know: In 2005 there were 892 fires in all Catalonia, and this year already there have been 618, according to the Environment Department of Generalitat. The study on fire behaviour and the...

Anàlisi del comportament dels incendis. Claus per prevenir-los

Researchers of the UAB Geology Departament, in collaboration with scientists from several European universities, have carried out a chemical analysis of calcite cement, one of the most common forms of cement found on detritital sedimentary rocks (rocks constituted by fragments) in three different areas of Catalonia.

Ciments de calcita: Anàlisi de tres zones de Catalunya

The economic value of a plant does not always overlap with its cultural value. In fact, they can be quite different. A group of researchers has developed a new method that allows to measure the cultural, practical, and economic value of plants. They have used that method to a research  to an indigenous group in the Bolivian Amazon.

Dones d'una tribu amazónica treballant artesanalment amb plantes

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA), commonly known as a stroke, is an interuption, through breakage or obstruction, of the blood supply to part of the brain. It is the leading cause of death in women and second leading cause in men in Spain, and also causes disability to most people who survive. Researchers at Neurovascular Research Laboratory at...

The causes of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) are still unknown to researchers. However, it is believed that the main cause is resistant prion protein (PrPres). A recent study carried out by researchers at the UAB Animal Health Research Centre (CreSA) looks at this neurodegenerative disease in greater depth.

Encefalopatia Espongiforme Bovina

UAB Chemical Engineering Department works in the development of new technologies to improve the recombinant protein -obtained by genetic modification of a microorganism- production processes in both ways, qualitative and quantitative. Now, it has just presented a new control system to automate the whole process.

Producció microbiana de proteïnes

Myasthenia gravis is an chronic autoimmune disease that leads to muscle weakness. A clinical trial made over a five-year period by the Myasthenia Unit of the Vall d'Hebron university hospital has just demonstrated the benefits of including tacrolimus in the treatment of this disease.

Millora en el tractament contra la miastènia gravis