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What exactly is the obsessive-compulsive disorder? The investigations in this area advance but the cure is still unknown. Scientists of the UAB are adapting an english language measuring device to detect obsessive symptoms for spanish speakers. A surveillance that will raise possible solutions.

Punt final al comportament obsessiu

The tecno-scientific winds of the XIXth century cointed new and sophisticated words: automobile, microphone, ampere, etc. The Royal Spanish Academy of the Spanish Language had to incorporate these new pieces into the machinery of the spanish language. Gloria Clavería studies the result of this effort: the 13th edition of the Dictionary. In his...

Velles noves paraules del nostre llenguatge

The melodram is a literary popular genre of the ends of the XIXth century. The work published by Montserrat Amores analyzes two histories of this type. This approach reveals that the intrigue and the descriptions obey to the ideological ideas of his authors.

Els misteris de Barcelona i Barcelona i els seus misteris: cara i creu del folletó espanyol

To facilitate the cancer pleural diagnosis doctors realize an exploration in the toraxic cavity, this method is called thoracoscopic. Nevertheless, medical investigators of the UAB have observed that this invasive technique has often been unnecessary. For that reason, they realized a analized this case.

Nous criteris milloren el diagnòstic del càncer pleural

Human activities have left his dark trace in the planet. Such is the case of the mining industry and his consequent soil contamination. In order to alleviate situations like this there exist several initiatives. The investigator of the UAB Gustavo Pérez has calibrated a complex system to measure the soil contamination, so that the...

El treball cal·libra un complex sistema per a mesurar la contaminació dels sòl.

Two more dimensions to explain dark energy

Einstein introduced into his equations a cosmological constant in order to explain a static universe. Who would have thought that some years later this same constant would help to deduce another small detail: the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe? A team of UAB...

Dues dimensions més per explicar l'energia fosca