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The construction of an industrial composting unit often leads to conflict due to the social rejection it causes among local residents because of the contamination to the atmosphere and bad smells it creates. Researchers of the Organic Waste Compost Group of the Department of Chemical Engineering have now managed to minimise contaminant gases...

Com reduir la contaminació per compostatge

A new marker to detect HIV

Researchers at the Institute of Biotechnology and Biomedicine at the UAB have managed to develop a new protein, called NF795gpC, which acts as a sensor when it comes into contact with the serum of a patient infected by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and allows it to be easily detected.

Nou marcador per detectar la SIDA

Mercury is one of the most dangerous chemical elements for the environment and humans. This makes it important to analyse how much mercury there is and what happens when it reaches the ground from industrials emissions. UAB researchers have studied the land closest to a chlorine-alkali plant located in the Netherlands.

Investiguen el comportament del mercuri quan arriba al terra

A multidisciplinary research group has been awarded with a presitigius international prize. Their work consisted in to developed a satellites image fusion technique. This equipment, in wich he UAB collaborated, has win the 2006 Data Contest "Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images", organized by the Technical Committee of the IEEE...

Imatge fusionada obtinguda pel mètode WiSpeR

Josep Maria Folch i Torres (1880-1950) is seen as one of the major writers of Catalan literature and the creator of the Catalan Theatre for children. The author of this thesis studies the fundamental contribution of the writer to the literature and culture of Catalonia in the the first third of the 20th Century using a scientific and impartial...

Folch i Torres

A new experimental model to study IBDs

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are two types of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) of unknown origin, which are characterized by phases of activity and remission that vary depending on the patient. In this thesis, the author has defined a new experimental model of chronic...

Colitis i malaltia de Crohn

The mood state with which we face stressful situations has a decisive influence on the strategies that we prepare to get through them and is not consequence of situations themselves, as was believed until now. This was the conclusion made by a UAB research team after monitoring more than 300 university students to examine how they prepared for...

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