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The Chemistry in our Drugs

In chemistry, structures called "hybrid ligands" are those consisting of two or more donor atoms (such as nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorus, etc.) combined with (linked to) metals. One of these is the hybrid ligand N-pyrazole found in many major pharmaceutical products. Researchers at UAB's Unit...

New advances in nosocomial infections control

Nosocomial infections are acquired during hospital stays. They are a cause of death and it is estimated that in Catalan centres they can cause a 7 to 10-day prolongation of hospital stays, with additional costs of over 2,000 euros per patient. It is estimated that half of all ICU...

Pneumonia UCI

Genosensors, sensors made with DNA

The growing demand for rapid, simple, inexpensive and portable testing methods has encouraged research in the field of DNA sensors or genosensors. The application of nanotechnology to these types of biosensors has greatly increased their effectiveness and applications are being found in fields as...

Sensors DNA