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Diseases of the skin: the Deep Morphea

The skin acts like a protective barrier that isolates the organism from its surroundings, protecting it and contributing to maintain its structure complete, at the same time acting as a communication system with the environment. The skin, as any organ, also suffers from its own complex...

Lesions en la pell causades per la morfea profunda

The demographic filter of Barcelona

The composition of Barcelona's population has undergone an interesting sociodemographic renewal during the past years. Residential changes and migration have been the key factors in this process. Antonio Lopez Gay's PhD dissertation deals with the existence of a demographic filter in...

Progress in gene therapy

A group of CTABEG researchers, directed by Dr Miguel Chillon, describe the development of a new method for producing last-generation adenoviruses (used as vectors in gene therapy) which significantly reduce the inconveniences that existed until now in clinical trials carried out with humans. This method...

Microfotografia de fluorescencia de la contaminació amb vectores Ad-Helper