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Estimating the age of the dead

The estimation of age-at-death of human osteological remains is important for both Anthropology and Forensic Medicine. In spite of its importance, adult age estimation is still not very accurate. For this reason there has been a growing interest in exploring new approaches, which include probability...


Tinea of the nails underdiagnosed in children

Two doctors from Hospital del Mar in Barcelona and UAB professors have observed, through a research carried out during the past 9 years, an increase in the number of children affected by tinea of the nails, as well as an underdiagnosis of this affection by paediatricians.

Ungles del peu amb tinya

Pancreas: ultrasounds for a better diagnosis

Non invasive techniques are essential for diagnosis in medicine. One of these techniques is the ultrasonography, an exploration technique that registers the echoes of acoustic waves inside the body. One of the applications of the ultrasounds is the exploration of the pancreas.

Una de les aplicacions dels ultrasons és l'exploració del pàncrees

Optimizing the composting

Composting is established as one of the cleanest alternatives to manage our residues. Nevertheless, at industrial scale the composting also takes its disadvantages, as the production of ammonia. New methods of measurement of the biodegradable elements of the compost might solve these problems.