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Elemental factors and ecology

The identification of general connections between the chemical composition of organisms and the laws of ecosystem function and structure is an increasingly present objective in the current agenda of ecology. For this reason we consider the ratio among the main elements (carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus)...

Factors elementals i ecologia

Quality of life in Cushing's syndrome

Excessive production of cortisol in Cushing's syndrome leads to physical and psychological health consequences (obesity, muscle weakness, bruising, lack of libido, depression...). After successful medical treatment cortisol levels are normalized, but patients don't recover a good quality...

Qüestionari per la qualitat de vida al Síndrome de Cushing

New studies on dinuclear platinum complexes

Transition metal complexes attached to some pyrazole-based ligands have the advantage of being versatile, as they can be found in the synthesis of new solid materials or in environmental chemistry, when used in treatments of heavy metal contaminated solutions. A combined...

Complexos dinuclears de pal·ladi