International Doctoral Research Component

To qualify for this component the following conditions must be met:


    Students must undertake a stay of at least three months outside Spain at a prestigious higher education or research centre, where they take a course or conduct research.

    The stay may be undertaken over different periods, provided the total amount of time is at least three months, but it must take place at a single institution.

    The stay must be made within the period of training necessary to obtain the title of doctor, starting with admission to the doctorate.

    It is recommended to contract the complementary mobility insurance together with the registration of the course in which the stay will take place. If the stay is in the United Kingdom, check with the embassy for specific requirements.

    Before starting your stay you have to contact the INSS (Social Security) to know if your stay requires any procedure or special requirement to enjoy health coverage abroad. If the INSS requires you, you must carry out the corresponding procedures.

    You can check the mobility aids at this link.

    Part of the doctoral thesis, at least the abstract and the conclusions, must be in a language that is customarily used in that field for the purpose of scientific communication and is not one of the official languages of Spain.

    This rule does not apply when the stays, the reports and the experts are from a Spanish-speaking country (different from Spain). By origin is meant the membership of experts in a higher education institution or research center.

    Remember that the conclusions and abstract must be included in the body of the thesis and duly identified in the table of contents.

    A minimum of two favorable reports on the doctoral thesis must be submitted, each one prepared by an expert doctor who belongs to a non-Spanish higher education institution or research institute.

    At least one PhD holder who belongs to a higher education institution or research centre outside Spain, other than the coordinator of the stay referred to in the first section, must have been a member of the thesis examining board. It is recommended to also appoint a substitute member from a foreign institution.


There are situations of incompatibilities between people involved in these requirements:

Actuator* Can he do external report? Can he be a member of the court?
Coordinator of the stay YES NO
Examining board member YES** YES
External expert report YES YES
Co-author*** YES NO

*The professors / researchers who act to fulfill the requirements to obtain the Mention cannot be retired doctors.
**He must make two different reports, an external report for the Research Component and one as a member of the examining board, since different aspects are requested.
***May be coordinator of the stay.


The processing of the research component is carried out together with the deposit of the doctoral thesis. Check the deposit website to see how to incorporate the documentation into the application.

  • Required documentation:
    • Certificate of stay, issued by the host institution, in its official paper and in which the start and end dates of the activity are indicated in addition to the person who has tutored you.
      You must attach it as activity type 4 of the activities document.
    • Two reports from international experts, using the model that you will find at the end of this page.
      You must include it in the "Attach documentation" section of the online deposit of the thesis.
  • Languages of the documents:
    • The documents submitted must be in Catalan, Spanish or English.
    • Documents in French, Italian or Portuguese: a translation by the Language Service of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona can be supplied.
    • Documents in other languages: a translation into Catalan or Spanish must be provided, carried out by a sworn translator who is duly authorised or registered in Spain. A list of sworn translators is available on this link.

Approximately 10 days after the defense, you will be able to check in your academic record that the option "Meets all the requirements of the European / International Research Component" is checked.:

Internacional Research Component

If you did not find in this page the information you need, you can contact the Doctoral School at (if you send an email, you must identify yourself by indicating your ID / passport, NIU, name and surname).